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How Well Do You Know: Inglourious Basterds
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Inglourious Basterds quiz

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1. What is Chapter One called?
Basterds roll call
Col. Hans Landa
Once upon a time... In Nazi-occupied France
2. What does Colonel Hans Landa drink while he sits at M. LaPadite's table?
A milkshake
3. What does Colonel Landa say about rumors?
They are frequent impediments on his way to discovering the truth.
They often get started by the jealous people.
True or false, they are often revealing.
You can't believe everything you hear about Nazis.
4. How does Col. Landa feel about his nickname, "The Jew Hunter"?
He hates it.
He loves it.
He's embarrassed by it.
He's not even aware of it until M. LaPadite tells him about it.
5. Landa allows one member of the Dreyfus family to escape execution. What is that person's name?
6. What is Chapter Two called?
Aldo Raine
Basterds roll call
Inglourious Basterds
The Plan
7. The name "Aldo Raine" is a tribute to which actor?
Alan Alda
Aldo Ray
Claude Rains
Samuel L. Jackson
8. Lieutenant Aldo Raine is a direct descendant of...
Daniel Boone
Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
Jedediah Smith
The mountain man, Jim Bridger
9. Each and every man under Lieutenant Aldo Raine's command owes him what?
100 Nazi scalps
Half their winnings in poker
Their life
Two dollars
10. What nickname is Donny Donowitz better known by?
The Apache
The Bear Jew
The Golem
The Guy Who Directed All Those Crappy Gorno Films
11. What is Chapter Three called?
A German Night in Paris
In Motion
Stoltz der Nation
12. It's three years after the murder of her family, and Shosanna now owns and operates a cinema in Paris. What is her new identity?
Elle Driver
Emmanuelle Mimieux
Mia Wallace
Zoe Belle
13. Shosanna/Emmanuelle is surprised to learn what significant fact about Frederick Zoller, the young Nazi soldier who has a little crush on her?
He is Hitler's son
He is a war hero and the star of the upcoming film, Nation's Pride
He's actually a woman dressed up as a man
He secretly wants to be a Basterd
14. When Zoller brings Shosanna/Emmanuelle to meet Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, what is the young man's plan?
To ask her enough questions to determine whether she is actually Jewish
To get permission to marry a French woman
To have the minister switch the premiere of Nation's Pride to Emmanuelle's cinema
To help her get a job within the Nazi regime, working on propaganda films
15. What is a key component of Shosanna's plan for the night of the premiere?
The flammability of nitrate film prints
Making sure that Col. Landa is nowhere near the theater on the night in question
Preparing the projector room for a little romance with Zoller
Providing Kosher snacks
16. What is Chapter Four called?
Double Agent
Operation Kino
The Shoe
Why Is Mike Myers In This Movie, Exactly?
17. What was Lt. Archie Hicox's occupation prior to joining the British army?
Cinema owner
Dairy farmer
Film critic
Soccer player
18. What is the name on Bridget von Hammersmark's card for the identity-guessing game she is playing with some German soldiers?
Adolf Hitler
Genghis Khan
Leni Riefenstahl
Napoleon Bonaparte
19. How does SS Major Hellstrom determine that Lt. Hicox is not German?
Bridget von Hammersmark turns out to be a triple agent
Hicox has a stripe on his uniform where there should be a star
Hicox calls him a Nazi swine (oops!)
Hicox uses the wrong hand signal to indicate the number three
20. How does Col. Landa figure out that Bridget von Hammersmark is a double agent?
The bartender gives her up right before Landa kills him
He finds Bridget hiding behind the bar and tortures her until she tells the truth
He finds her bloody shoe and the napkin she signed for the young Nazi soldier
He hears a rumor about her from Goebbels that turns out to have a seed of truth to it
21. What is Chapter Five called?
Revenge of the Giant Face
22. Zoller introduces Shosanna/Emmanuelle to the "greatest actor in the world". Who is this person?
Daniel Brühl
Emil Jannings
Erich von Stroheim
Klaus Kinski
23. What is Bridget von Hammersmark's cover story for how she injured her leg?
She claims she was mountain climbing
She claims to have fallen while snowboarding - halfpipe!
She claims to have been skiing recently
She tells Col. Landa that casts are actually stylish - she didn't hurt her leg at all
24. Which one of the Basterds claims to speak the "best" Italian?
Aldo Raine
Andy Kagan
Donny Donowitz
Omar Ulmer
25. Which of the following is not a demand made by Col. Landa in exchange for turning double agent and helping to cause the demise of Hitler, Goebbels, Goering and Bormann.
The Congressional Medal for himself and everyone involved in Operation Kino
Guaranteed citizenship
Land on Nantucket Island
A Washington, D.C. memorial named after him
26. What happens to Shosanna in the end?
She burns down the theater, shoots Zoller, and is killed when Zoller shoots her back
She escapes again
She has a change of heart, and she continues living her secret identity
She kills Zoller but doesn't manage to burn down the theater, and is captured by Landa
27. What happens to Landa in the end?
He gets all the things he asked for and is considered a war hero
He gets all the things he asked for... and a swastika carved on his forehead
He is double-crossed and put on trial for his crimes
He is killed when his car overturns

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