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How Well Do You Know: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Harder)
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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog quiz

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I selected blue first then changed it to yellow. It took only the first answer. I read the headlines question wrong.
Rosalita 5/29/11 3:53 pm


1. At the beginning of Act I, Dr. Horrible reads correspondence from each of the following, except for:
Johnny Snow
Widow's Peak
2. Joss Whedon's brother Jed helped to write Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog. Jed was additionally credited with which the role of an ELE member, and also:
A patron of the laundromat
The mayor
One of the singing cowboys
The courier van driver
3. Dr. Horrible counts, among his credentials, a letter of condemnation from:
The City Chamber of Commerce
Captain Hammer
Deputy Mayor
Girl Scouts of America
4. Dr. Horrible mentions that Moist had gone on a double date with:
Crime and Punishment
Bait and Switch
Lust and Gluttony
Breaking and Entering
5. What slur does Dr. Horrible ascribe to Captain Hammer?
Lowest Common Denominator
Captain Haircut
Captain Tightpants
Corporate Tool
6. Dr. Horrible mentions that the previous week, Captain Hammer inflicted what type of injury upon him?
Dislocated his shoulder
Broke his pinky toe
Gave him a mild concussion
Deliberately pulled his groin
7. What is written on the case of Wonderflonium that Dr. Horrible steals from the courier van?
Do Not Transport
For Evil Use Only
Deliver to MacGuffin
Do Not Bounce
8. The insignia of Captain Hammer is a hammer surrounded by a circle of:
9. Captain Hammer makes his first appearance in the show during which musical number?
So They Say
Penny's Song
A Man's Gotta Do
Brand New Day
10. Episode I ends with Dr. Horrible stealing away from the van as he utters which word?
11. In the overlapping duet "My Eyes", as Dr. Horrible sings "It's plain to see evil inside of me is on the rise," Penny sings that what "inside of me is on the rise"?
12. As Penny describes her dating Captain Hammer, she observes that Billy is driving what into his leg?
A spork
A pen
A cross
A paper clip
13. In Act II, Captain Hammer and the LAPD thwarted Dr. Horrible at which ceremony?
The Superhero Annual Picnic
The local sports team victory celebration
A PTA meeting
The dedication of the Superhero Memorial Bridge
14. Bad Horse is known as:
The Stallion of Doom
The Thoroughbred of Sin
The Horse That Is Not Good
The Equine of Injustice
15. Moist makes mention of an evildoer called:
16. In a musical montage, we see Captain Hammer performing various acts of violence on Dr. Horrible. Which of the following is not among them?
Kneeing him in the groin
Giving him a swirlie
Giving him a wedgie
Spinning him on his shoulders
17. Dr. Horrible pledges to hand Penny "the keys to a shiny new":
18. In the "Brand New Day" sequence, fans of Captain Hammer display a lock of his hair, along with what other memento:
A parking ticket
His trading card
His dry cleaning bill
The tag from his boxer briefs
19. In Everyone's A Hero, Captain Hammer, in a roundabout way, compares the homeless to:
Rain Man
Papa Smurf
20. When he realizes that the Freeze Ray has stopped, what does Dr. Horrible utter before being reintroduced to Captain Hammer's fist?
"I wonder what's coming next"
"I enjoy not being punched"
"That's not a good sound"
"Damn rechargeable batteries"
21. After the tragic occurrences at the dedication of the homeless shelter, a series of headlines flash on the screen. Which of the following is one of them?
From Hero to Zero
Captain Hammer? Try Captain Underpants
Country Mourns What's-Her-Name
New Reign of Terror of the Week Begins
22. Penny's last words are:
"I can't feel anything"
"I love you, Captain Hammer"
"You were the one, Billy"
"Captain Hammer will save us"
23. Ascending to the ranks of the ELE, Dr. Horrible has traded in his usual white lab coat to a coat of:
24. What are the last two words spoken at the end of Act III?
I will
A thing
None left
Come back
25. In addition to Joss and Jed, what was the name of the other Whedon credited with writing Dr. Horrible?

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