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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog quiz

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1. When Act I begins, Dr. Horrible talks to the camera as he works on his:
Evil laugh
Stack of applications for evil sidekicks
Non-existent evil-style moustache
2. Dr. Horrible aspired to join this organization:
Evil Doers United, Local Chapter 412
The Injustice Pentagram
Doomsday Death Dealers
The Evil League of Evil
3. The spot at which Dr. Horrible usually meets Penny, the object of his affection, is a:
Bowling alley
Public library
Racquetball court
4. Dr. Horrible has a quasi-evil friend that goes by this rather unimposing name:
The Lemming
5. The audience experiences dispatches from Bad Horse, the head of the organization Dr. Horrible wants to join, in which form?
A hologram
A singing telegram
Morse code
A ransom note-style collage
6. When Billy meets Penny outside of the laundromat, it is at this location, from which he attempts to carry out part of his evil plot:
An ice cream shop
An alley
The waterfront
A bridge overlooking the city
7. Penny is crusading on behalf of a/n:
Homeless shelter
Soup kitchen
8. How does Dr. Horrible attempt to hijack the van in said operation?
By telepathy
With heavy armament
By teleportation
By remote control
9. Captain Hammer thwarts Dr. Horrible's operation (sorta) and appears to save Penny by:
Shoving her roughly into a pile of garbage
Pulling her out of the way by grabbing her hair
Blowing up the wayward van
Throwing a telephone pole at the van
10. Aside from his trademark T-shirt, the most notable part of Captain Hammer's uniform is:
A red bandanna
Green Chuck Taylors
Black gloves
A blue comb he uses to constantly comb his hair
11. Billy stalks Penny on her date with Captain Hammer. In addition to a park, the date takes place in:
A soup kitchen
A cheesy cocktail lounge
Captain Hammer's swingin' bachelor pad
A fancy French restaurant
12. Through a crazy, random happenstance, Billy and Penny share this delicious treat together at the laundromat:
French fries
Frozen yogurt
Gummi bears
Green M&M's
13. Dr. Horrible claims to hold a Ph.D. in:
Quantum physics, with a minor in despair mongering
English lit
14. Less than impressed with Dr. Horrible's evil campaign, Bad Horse advises that which action would help Dr. Horrible's application along?
Killing someone
Rigging an election
Racketeering, but only if he can explain what racketeering is first
Hijacking an airplane
15. Busting Billy's chops when the meet at the laundromat, Captain Hammer tells him that "The Hammer" is:
My fist
My brain
My wrench
My penis
16. At the dedication of the homeless shelter, what else is to happen?
An arrest warrant for Dr. Horrible is to be issued
A statue of Captain Hammer is to be unveiled
Penny is to be awarded with a citizenship citation
Captain Hammer is to sign autographs for $45 each
17. At the homeless shelter dedication, Captain Hammer introduces Penny and characterizes her as having:
Her long, flowing plaid hair
A backside almost as perfect has his own
A quiet, nerdy thing going on
A pretty awesome wild side when she's in the sack
18. Who fires the Death Ray?
Captain Hammer
The Mayor
Dr. Horrible
19. Captain Hammer moans, "It thing this is what ______ feels like!"
20. How does sweet Penny meet her doom?
She is struck by the Death Ray
She is hit by shrapnel when the Death Ray explodes
She is struck on the head when Captain Hammer pushes her down as he attempts to escape
She is trampled to death by the frightened audience as they flee the mayhem

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