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1. The film opens on two techs, one of whom is instructed by his superior to dump _____ down the drain.
2. What body of water does the creature reside in?
Amnok River
Duman River
Han River
Nakdong River
3. When we first meet Hyun-seo, she's disgruntled. Why is she so upset?
She's the only student in class without a cell phone
Her uncle showed up on parent's day
She forgot her lunch on the kitchen table this morning
The plans she had set up for that evening fell through
4. Hyun-seo's father has a remarkably large collection of coins. What is he saving up to buy his daughter?
A necklace
School books
A bike
A cell phone
5. Hyun-seo is excited to watch her aunt on TV. In what sport does Nam-joo excel in?
Cross-country skiing
6. A number of people spot the creature at the same time while standing on the grass right by the water's edge. Where is it?
Hanging from a bridge
Sitting on a bridge
Floating in the water
Sitting on the shore
7. After tossing a tile at the creature, a man and Gang-du toss a _____ at the beast.
Beer can
Street sign
Cinder block
8. Nam-joo ends up with the bronze medal in her archery match. What cost her the title?
She shot at the wrong target
She stepped over the regulation line
She took too long to shoot one of her arrows
She forfeit the gold
9. While quarantined, Gang-du and his family get frisked away. Why?
Nam-il is deemed a nuisance
Hee-bong made a death threat
They mistakenly damage the victims' wall
Gang-du admits the creature sprayed blood in his face
10. Hee-bong spends all he's got for all of the following items EXCEPT:
Hazmat suits
Sewer map
11. Their hazmat suits happen to be _____, not yellow.
Light blue
12. The family's dream to find Hyun-seo nearly ends when they run into the manager of safety operations. Instead of turning the car around, the family tosses him _____ and drives off.
A pair of shoes
A box with nothing inside
13. With a chance to eat during their mission to find Hyun-seo, Gang-du and his family ravishingly chow down on _____.
Instant noodles
14. Gang-du seems to doze off at inopportune moments. Why does his father say his son needs to sleep every now and then?
He didn't get enough protein as a kid
He doesn't get enough sleep while minding the store
He currently doesn't eat enough vitamins
It's simply an innate condition of his
15. Of the following, who's the only one to die?
16. American military plan to combat the creature with special chemicals. What's it called?
Agent Orange
Agent Yellow
Green Fiend
Purple Haze
17. Who's able to find Hyun-seo rough location, based on where she placed a call to her father?
18. It's Nam-il. However, as soon as he makes his discovery, he finds that other people in the building are out to get him. How does he get out?
He shoots them
He jumps out the window
He blows the fuse
He threatens to kill one of them if they don't let him go
19. Instead of a fresh body, the creature instead vomits a ton of human remains. What's the first thing to hit the ground?
A severed hand
A skull
A leg bone
A spine
20. They dispose of the creature by burning it. It nearly saves itself by jumping into the water, but is stopped. By what?
A street sign pole
An automobile
A crane
A boulder

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