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How Well Do You Know: Halloween II (2009)
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1. This term, linked to instinct, purity and the drive to release powerful forces, is excerpted from The Subconscious Psychosis of Dreams at the beginning of Halloween II.
Yellow lamb
White horse
Blue hen
Green dragon
2. Following the incidents that unfolded in Halloween, where do the cops first encounter Laurie?
At a gas station
In a crawl space
In an abandoned field
Walking in the middle of the road
3. The coroners handling the Michael Myers case get in a car wreck. What happened?
A drunk driver hit them head-on
They hit a cow
They ran into a telephone pole
They slid on ice and flipped the car twice
4. One of the coroners survives the wreck, so Michael _____.
Shoots him
Stabs him in the back
Decapitates him
Throws him off a cliff
5. Back at the hospital, Laurie at one point lands in a huge dumpster filled to the brim with _____.
Dead bodies
Human excrement
6. This song plays on the TV in Laurie's hospital room, as well as on the TV at a security outpost that Laurie gets locked into.
"Pinball Wizard"
"Nights in White Satin"
"Crimson and Clover"
"Almost Paradise"
7. Michael finds Laurie in the security outpost and attacks her. That's when Laurie awakens; it was all a dream. Prior to his attack on Laurie, how many people did Michael kill? (Hint: One happens off screen).
8. The movie shifts ahead two years, with Laurie living at Annie's house. Laurie tells her friends that, concerning the Halloween massacre, Annie is _____.
A mistake
A hero
A constant reminder
9. Why is there speculation that Michael is still alive?
His body is missing/was never discovered
Nine people were brutally murdered just outside Haddonfield
A note, possibly left by Michael, says a monster is on the loose
It's almost Halloween
10. Michael eats what appears to be a wolf while Laurie, Annie and her father chow down on _____.
11. Who said it? "Man was meant to eat meat. We, all of us, have a little bit caveman in us."
Sheriff Brackett
Coroner Hooks
12. What's the name of Deborah Myers' former place of employment?
The Kitty Hole
Rabbit in Red
Snack Shack
13. Loomis writes a book based on the Halloween massacre. What's it called?
Michael Lives
The Devil Walks Among Us
From Here to Elsewhere
The White Horse
14. Laurie lets people know that she really is Michael's sister. What's her true name?
15. During his publicity rounds, Loomis stops by The Newman Hour. Who's Newman's other guest that night?
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Axl Rose
16. It's "Weird Al" Yankovic. What does Loomis call him?
Mr. Weird
17. Michael finally makes it to Haddonfield, and befriends a boy dressed as a _____ on Halloween.
18. Instead of laying low, Laurie tells her buds that she wants to spend a night on the town. Where do they go?
A discotheque
A bowling alley
A concert
A strip club
19. One of Laurie's friends, Harley, dresses up as what?
A slutty nurse
A princess
A woman without a face
A dude who dresses like a woman
20. While under surveillance by the cops, Annie is murdered. Where does this happen?
In the kitchen
In the bathroom
In her bedroom
In the basement
21. While being held captive by Michael, the ghost of Michael and Laurie's mom demands that Laurie say _____.
"I forgive you"
"I love you, mommy"
"I give up"
"I warned you, Michael"
22. How does Loomis learns of Laurie's kidnapping?
Through a breaking TV news report
Sheriff Brackett
23. While being held captive, who does Laurie think is holding her down?
Michael as a young boy
Her biological mother
The mother that raised her
24. A cover of this song leads into the film's closing credits.
"Time After Time"
"Take My Breath Away"
"Love Hurts"
"What a Wonderful World"
25. About how many people are killed in Halloween II by Michael?

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