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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Red Dot
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Seinfeld: The Red Dot

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1. At Elaine's office's Christmas party, Jerry and George get in an argument about the Statue of Liberty. What, specifically?
How tall it is
How it was brought across the ocean
How long it took to make
How many people visit it each year
2. Jerry is really there to give Elaine her _____, which was under the sofa cushion.
Reading glasses
3. George gets in an awkward conversation with Elaine's boss, who asks George who he reads. George replies with the name of a _____.
News anchor
4. George thinks he owes Elaine, considering she got him:
A girlfriend
A job
A pay raise at his current company
A car
5. While shopping, Jerry says he hates shopping in the women's department because he feels like he's a little too close to _____.
Sampling the perfumes
Looking in the mirror
Asking a question about the female anatomy
Trying on a dress
6. George ends up getting Elaine a sweater. What kind?
7. After its bought, who notices the red dot first?
Tim Watley
Pendant Publishing's cleaning lady
8. Jerry and George do a test to see if _____ after having a drink.
People smell
People puke
People fall asleep
People raise their voices
9. What drink do they use for the test?
10. When does Jerry think sex has occurred?
When the clothes come off
When the women's voice turns seductive
When the nipple makes its first appearance
When it's time to smoke cigarettes

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