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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Sponge
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Seinfeld: The Sponge

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1. Elaine learns that her favorite form of birth control, the sponge, is going off the market. She ends up at what seems like the only store that still has a supply. After saying she only wants a handful, Elaine ends up buying the remaining inventory, which is _____ sponges.
2. George asks Elaine if he can have some of her sponges. Why?
Susan wants them
He wants to save them for when they really become valuable
He's never seen one up close
He thinks they might be infected and wants to run a few tests
3. Jerry gets a woman's number from an unlikely source. What?
A country club directory
An AIDS charity list
A piece of mail that shouldn't have been left in his box
A bar tab
4. Jerry: "How's the... sexual chemistry?" Elaine: "_____."
The results are inconclusive
I'm still mixing things together
Haven't been in the lab yet
5. The night before an AIDS walk, Kramer does a silly thing in his apartment that keeps him up later than he should be. What does he do?
He has a Star Wars movie marathon
He has a lady friend over
He and Newman feed their Battleship addiction
He hosts a poker game
6. How does Elaine decide if someone is "sponge-worthy"?
She has them take a written test
She interviews them
She shows them a sponge and asks if they know what it is
We never find out
7. By the end of the day, Kramer looks decrepit and awful. Jerry says it was the late-night poker game. But what's really to blame?
Kramer got in a fight at the walk
Kramer forgot to take his medication in the morning
Kramer hasn't washed his clothes in a month
Kramer got lost on the way and got irritated when a passerby wouldn't help him
8. It was a fight. What happened?
Kramer didn't donate enough money to participate
Kramer told a cop that his uniform was too tight
Kramer got lost on the way and got irritated when a passerby wouldn't help him
Kramer didn't want to wear his AIDS ribbon
9. We learn a very interesting quirk about Jerry and his pants. What?
He only buys them from one store
He's worn the same cut/size since 1982
He'll only wear jeans and khakis
He alters the tag to reflect a different waist size
10. Finish George's line: "Oh, no, no... condoms are for _____. The day that we got engaged, I said goodbye to the condom forever."
Single men
Desperate people
The cautious

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