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How Well Do You Know: Sons of Anarchy: Season Two
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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 quiz

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1. "Albification": Hale and Jax strike a deal. Hale promises to keep secret the fact that Clay was responsible for Donna's death if Jax _____.
Influences the Sons to back off from the Nords
Does what he can to see that Unser steps down at the end of his term
Does a deep background check into Zobelle and his crew
Stays far away from Tara's place of work
2. "Albification": Gemma is kidnapped and then raped while dangling from a fence. What was she trying to do before she got into this awful situation?
Help a woman with a flat tire
Avert a deer
Save a dog
Save a baby
3. "Small Tears": Per Gemma's wish, her rape from the previous night gets covered up. Who's responsible for creating the story that she got into a car accident?
4. "Small Tears": Just as Gemma is about to open up to Neeta about what really happened -- or so it seems -- Gemma is distracted by information from Tara. What is it?
Tara has to treat a medical emergency at the clubhouse
Tara has to go to the house to take care of Abel
Unser has to discuss a private matter with Gemma
Hale's on the line with important information for Gemma
5. "Fix": Why does Jax say he is upset that Bobby is temping as Luann's porn manager?
Jax thinks the job should have went to Chuckie
Clay never conferred with Jax on giving the gig to Bobby
Jax thinks Bobby could be better used elsewhere
Jax thinks Bobby will be too distracted with his new gig to really help the Sons
6. "Fix": How does SAMCRO know Hale is conspiring with Zobelle?
Tig caught him speaking privately with Zobelle in his cigar shop
Hale installed the cameras at Darby's cabin
He reports back that Darby isn't running a meth lab in Charming after all
Hale's new tattoo is a dead give away
7. "Eureka": _____'s faulty bike is the reason _____ was sent to the hospital.
Tig; Bobby
Bobby; Tig
Piney; Chibs
Chibs; Piney
8. "Eureka": Finish Clay's line to Jax: "If you mention Donna, or the incident again, _____."
I'll kill ya
I'll take your cut
I'll bring hell
I'll vote you off the island
9. "Smite": Tara sets up a meeting with a shrink for Gemma concerning the incident. Just as she's about to get called into the room, Gemma bails. Why?
She realizes she really has to go to the bathroom
She receives a phone call from Jax to head over to the club
She wants to hide from Unser, who just walked by, that she's seeking help
The shrink's preceding patient leaves the room in tears
10. "Smite": When Jax makes an obvious attempt at checking in on the box that held his father's manuscript, Gemma says she dumped it. So as not to reveal that it was his father's manuscript he wanted -- even though Gemma saw it earlier -- what does Jax say he wanted from the box?
A diary of his
Old magazines
A Harley manual
11. "Falx Cerebri": Gemma teaches Tara how to fire a gun. Besides a poster, what's the doctor's first target?
Liquor bottles
A car
A log
A basketball
12. "Falx Cerebri": Jax privately talks to Hale behind Clay and the club's back. Why?
He's buying time before the car bomb fiasco gets out of control
He's letting him know personally that he's going nomad
He wants to pick his brain on what dirt he has on Zobelle
He has important intelligence on Stahl that the Charming police should know about
13. "Gilead": In prison, Clay picks a fight with Jax and they get into a huge brawl. Who encourages to let them finish?
14. "Gilead": If Jax gives Stahl _____, then Stahl promises to grant the club full immunity and get Otto's parole back on track.
Zobelle's shady business practices
In-roads to the IRA
15. "Potlatch": Checking to see if Georgie Caruso was in the office, Chuck hands off a disc to his assistant and says it's his _____ reel.
Mutilation fetish
16. "Fa Guan": Understanding that using his son as emotional leverage won't do, SAMCRO instead uses _____ to get a judge to throw out a case to benefit the Triad.
Love letters
A puppy
17. "Fa Guan": Jax declares he's going nomad. What set him off?
A dead prostitute
A charred warehouse
Destroyed gun inventory
18. "Balm": Chibs gives up the local IRA safe house to Stahl. Why?
He's certain the car bomb was ordered by Jimmy O
Jimmy O threatens to rape Chibs' daughter
Chibs lost trust in Edmond
It's too bugged to be considered safe anymore
19. "Balm": Who leaves the room immediately after casting his Jax/nomad vote?
20. "Service": Tig runs over to Gemma's house to pick up any guns she may have to give to the club. They embrace and begin to get close, until Tig sees what?
An old photo of Jax
Visions of Gemma getting raped
21. "Service": Zobelle approaches Alvarez and strikes a deal. Alvarez can sell his heroine through Zobelle's pipeline, while Zobelle gets _____.
Mayan protection
A free shot at Clay
Blackmail the Mayans have against Unser
Half of the profits
22. "The Culling": During a discussion on religion, Gemma tells Tara that she thinks God wants her to be a _____ mother.
23. "The Culling": Clay sits down with the heads of the Asian and black gangs and fills them in on the partnership between Zobelle and Alvarez. Clay needs Henry Lin and Laroy's help in taking down Zobelle. What do they get in return?
Mayan territory
SAMCRO muscle against Darby
24. "Na Triobloidi": After shooting and killing Edmond, Stahl manages to keep her hands clean. How?
She makes it look like Edmond left the country
She puts it on Polly
She puts it on Gemma
She flees
25. "Na Triobloidi": A countrified version of this Rolling Stones song plays over the final minutes of season two.
"Street Fighting Man"
"Gimme Shelter"
"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
"Brown Sugar"

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