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How Well Do You Know: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Pilot
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CSI: Pilot quiz

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1. At the start of the episode, which of these characters is NOT hoping to be promoted?
Jim Brass
Gil Grissom
Nick Stokes
Warrick Brown
2. Holly Gribbs' mother is a Police Lieutenant in what division?
Internal Affairs
3. Where in his home was Royce Harmon's body found?
In the bathtub
Sitting on the toilet
4. Catherine and Holly meet at a store that has just been robbed. After they introduce themselves, the store owner sarcastically claims to be what newswoman?
Barbara Walters
Connie Chung
Katie Couric
Lesley Stahl
5. When Holly expresses doubts as to whether or not she's cut out for the job, Catherine suggests that she wait until after cracking her first case. After that, if she doesn't feel like _______ on cocaine, she should quit.
King Kong
The 50 foot woman
The Bride of Frankenstein
6. Nick investigates the case of a john who passed out and was robbed after hanky-panky with a hooker. What is the john in town for?
Family reunion
Job interview
7. In exchange for a blank warrant on a home invasion case, Warrick agrees to put a bet down on a football game for a Judge. On which game is the bet placed?
8. Nick and Warrick each need to solve one more case in order to achieve CSI level 3 status. How many cases solved is the magic number?
9. When Brass finds out that Warrick went over his head in getting a warrant, he retaliates by pulling Warrick off the home invasion case and having him do what?
Crime Scene clean up
Keep an eye on Holly at Crime Scenes
Desk duty
Audio Video research
10. Warrick's argument for a warrant in the home invasion case rests largely on what?
Shoe prints
A broken toenail
11. When Holly arrives at the store to process her first crime scene, Grissom reminds her to do all of the following except for:
Take plenty of pictures
Dust for prints
Ask questions
Check the videotape
12. Grissom finds larvae in the third stage of metamorphosis. Indicating Royce Harmon had been dead at least how long?
2 days
A week
A couple of hours
10 days
13. Which of the following is not a perk Nick or Warrick would have for being a level 3 CSI?
$8000 raise
Office of his own
Extra week vacation
Choice of shift
14. When Jim and Gil arrive at the scene of Royce Harmon's murder, what does Sgt. Riley refer to them as?
The lab rats
Science Boys
The Nerd Squad
The Experts
15. Warrick had won picked 8 of 10 winners in College football. Which 2 teams didn't win?
Nebraska Cornhuskers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish
UNLV Running Rebels and Georgia Bulldogs
Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide
Iowa State Buckeyes and UCLA Bruins
16. In the home invasion case, how does part of the husband's toenail get broken off?
Tripped over a rattle
Kicking a wall
Putting on the invaders shoes
The invader stepped on his toe.
17. Paul Millander's fingerprint was on a tape recorder with Royce Harmon's apparent suicide message. What does Paul Millander specialize in making?
Rubber hands
Movie posters
Halloween masks
Fake blood for disguises
18. How much money did the Judge give Warrick to bet on the Packers/49ers game?
19. Warrick drops off Holly to process a Robbery-Homicide scene while placing the judge's bet. What happens to Holly as a result?
She gets caught in the middle of a gang fight
She gets stabbed
The perpetrator of the robbery/homicide comes back and shoots her
She gets hit by a car
20. When placing the bet, Warrick gets a call from Grissom saying that the husband has been arrested in the home invasion case. What huge goof does Warrick commit afterwards regarding the wager?
Bets on wrong game
Bets on wrong sport
Bets on wrong team
Bets wrong on over/under

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