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How Well Do You Know: Jennifer Aniston Trivia
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Jennifer Aniston quiz

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1. If you were to assign blame to a film for causing the breakup between Jennifer and Brad, you would be glaring at this movie:
Seven Year in Tibet
The Break Up
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Ocean's 12
2. Much was made of Rachels' pregnancy on Friends, but when the baby was actually born, the writers didn't have a lot of use for the kiddo. What was the name of Rachel's rarely-seen offspring?
3. This:

is a sample of GQ's cover shot of Jennifer for its January 2009 cover. The cover photo was certainly eye-catching, in that Jen wore only:
A wet t-shirt
A pair of denim shorts
A striped necktie
4. These two blonde actresses played Rachel's sisters on Friends:
Christina Applegate and Kirsten Dunst
Kaley Cuoco and Reese Witherspoon
Kate Bosworth and Kate Hudson
Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate
5. In a 2004 film, Jennifer played which title role?
6. A largely overlooked item on Jennifer's CV is her starring role in the original film of this cheesy horror franchise:
Swamp Thing
Toxic Avenger
Child's Play
7. Aniston received critical acclaim for her role in 2002's The Good Girl. She received a prestigious nomination for Best Lead Actress at the:
Academy Awards
Golden Globes
Screen Actors Guild
Independent Spirit Awards
Jennifer has appeared in a series of televised commercials for which charitable organization?
Ronald McDonald House
Children's National Medical Center
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
March of Dimes
9. "Look at her standing there will those yams. My two greatest enemies, Ross.... Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates!" Which actor, guest starring in a memorable Thanksgiving-themed episode of Friends, delivered this line?
Brad Pitt
Jake Gyllenhaal
Matthew McConaughey
Luke Perry
10. In Office Space, Aniston's character Joanna was subjected to lectures about the amount of flair she wore at her job at which restaurant?
TGI Friday's
11. During the 1990s, Jennifer had a relationship with the lead singer for which popular band?
Matchbox Twenty
Dave Matthews Band
Counting Crows
Third Eye Blind
12. In 1996, Aniston starred in She's The One, director Ed Burns' reworking of his own previous film called:
The Addiction
The Love Letter
Claire Dolan
The Brothers McMullen
13. Jennifer got animated in the 1999 classic The Iron Giant. She played Annie, mother to central character Hogarth. What was their last name?
Interviewed in the December 2008 issue of Vogue, what word did Jennifer assign to Angelina Jolie's recent account of her falling in love with Brad Pitt?
15. Prior to Friends, Jen appeared on TV in a short-lived, small-screen adaptation of this memorable 1980s film:
The Breakfast Club
War Games
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Sixteen Candles
16. Who played the object of Nina's affection in The Object of My Affection?
Paul Rudd
Dylan McDermott
Ben Affleck
Johnny Knoxville
17. Jennifer guest-starred on a 2008 episode of 30 Rock, during which she shared an on-camera smooth with series star Alec Baldwin. Baldwin later famously said of kissing Aniston:
"Wait, that actually happened?"
"My third most unattainable dream has come true"
"Aniston? I thought I was kissing Jennifer Garner"
"It was painful"
18. One of the members of the Parade of People Who Briefly Dated Aniston during the decade of the 2000s was this musician, who reported wrote a song for Jen for her 40th birthday:
John Mayer
Jack Johnson
Jack White
19. Jen got her big break playing Rachel on Friends. But was that the role she was originally approached to play?
No, she was originally approached to play Monica
No, she was originally approached to play Phoebe
No, she was originally approached to play Janice
20. Which of the following has not been featured in a film as a love interest of Aniston's?
Jim Carrey
Mark Wahlberg
Tom Selleck
Jay Mohr
21. In 2007, Universal Studios sued gossip blogger Perez Hilton from posting a unreleased clip from a film showing Aniston topless. The salacious shot was from which movie?
Along Came Polly
The Good Girl
Rumor Has It
The Break Up
22. Jennifer's godfather is none less than acting icon __________; meanwhile, Jen is godmother to the child of Friends co-star ____________.
Robert Wagner / Lisa Kudrow
Telly Savalas / Courteney Cox
Jon Voight / Matt LeBlanc
Sean Connery / David Schwimmer
23. Jennifer's emergence as a sex symbol was marked by her appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2004 (in the photo, part of her bare backside is visible).

What was the title caption on the cover?
The Girl Friend
Star in the Making
The One With the Body
All About Jennifer
24. With which of the following has Jennifer not been romantically linked?
Vince Vaughn
Tate Donovan
Ashton Kutcher
Paul Rudd
25. Aniston's performance on Friends won her which of the following awards?
Emmy Award
Screen Actors Guild Award
People's Choice Award
Each of the above

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