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How Well Do You Know: Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
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1. As the film opens, the camera pans over the walls in Wallace's house, which are covered with:
Framed pictures of Wallace and Gromit
Newspaper clippings of the pair's adventures
Awards Wallace has won for his inventions
Wanted posters for Feathers McGraw
2. Wallace and Gromit offer a service called:
Varmint Vortex
Critter Capture
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
3. When Gromit pulls down a lever labeled "Assistance," what happens?
A machine brushes Wallace's teeth for him
All the captured rabbits are released
A large hammer pounds Wallace through a door in the floor
Wallace's car starts
4. Wallace's brain alteration invention which causes the major havoc in the film is called:
The Brain Sucker
Mental Brillo
Mind Manipulation-o-matic
The Cerebral Scrubber
5. What is the source of tension between Wallace and Gromit at the beginning of the film?
Wallace is short with Gromit about not paying rent
Gromit thinks Wallace doesn't take him for walkies enough
Gromit thinks Wallace coddles the creatures they've captured
Gromit is trying to keep Wallace on a diet
6. What is the name of the device that humanely captures the rabbits?
Mr. Thingy
Tender Trappings
The Hare-apeutic Solution
Bunny-Vac 6000
7. Wallace and Gromit are alerted that their clients need them
With a phone call
When the eyes in the client portraits light up
When a rock is thrown through their window
When a giant carrot is illuminated in the sky
8. The rabbit who gets caught up in Wallace's mind manipulation experiment is named:
9. To lure the Were-Rabbit out, Wallace drives a truck while Gromit controls a puppet rabbit. Wallace instructs Gromit: "A bit more, you know...."
10. In pursuit of the Were-Rabbit, the truck Gromit drives is pulled underground. Emerging at the end of the chase, Gromit activates a control which causes the truck to:
Fly home
Automatically drive to a cheese store
Fall apart
Shake itself free of mud
11. Gromit's first clue that the Wallace is actually the Were-Rabbit is/are:
Carrots stuffed into Wallace's bathrobe
Muddy footprints
A Were-Rabbit-shaped hole in Wallace's bedroom door
Paw prints on cheese in the refrigerator
12. Lady Tottington asks Wallace to call her:
Sugar Tots
13. Along with Gromit, who is the first to witness Wallace's transformation into the Were-Rabbit?
Victor Quartermaine
Lady Tottington
The vicar
A constable
14. Hutch inherits the following of Wallace's traits, except for which:
His fondness for reading the newspaper
Ability to speak
Ability to invent
Love of cheese
15. Victor Quartermaine's dog is named:
16. Lady Tottington realizes the Were-Rabbit is actually Wallace:
When the rabbit produces Wallace's driver's license
Because of its mannerisms
When she witnesses the Were-Rabbit's transformation
Because Victor Quartermaine tells her
17. In a climatic scene at the end of the film, Gromit and Quartermaine's dog chase each other
On train cars
On giant vegetables
Up the stairs in Lady Tottington's manor
In carnival-ride airplanes
18. Longtime Aardman collaborator Peter Lord was credited with which for the film?
19. The actor who supplied the voice for Victor Quartermaine has played what other film villain?
Darth Vader
Lord Voldemort
Hannibal Lecter
20. At the 2005 Satellite Awards, the film was nominated for, but did not win, for Outstanding Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media. Which film won?
Howl's Moving Castle
Corpse Bride
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Chicken Little

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