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How Well Do You Know: Dollhouse, Season 2
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Dollhouse Season 2 quiz

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1. In the season 2 premiere of Dollhouse, Echo is imprinted as an undercover FBI agent who gets married to a British arms dealer named Martin Klar so that she and Agent Ballard can get enough evidence to arrest him. Eventually her cover is blown and Agent Ballard has to rescue her. How does he do it?
Sierra is imprinted with the skills of a covert CIA operative and she saves the day
Victor shows up with a horde of FBI agents and they storm the plane hanger and save the day
The British arms dealer turns out to be a doll and Topher performs a remote wipe to save the day
Ballard attacks Echo until she recovers the fighting skills from the "fighter" imprint from the episode "Man on the Street" and she saves the day
2. In the episode, "Instinct," Echo is imprinted "down to the glandular level" to care for a newborn baby when its mother dies in childbirth. Echo eventually comes to the conclusion that the father wants to kill her baby and escapes from the house. Where does she seek refuge with the newborn?
A church
A police station
A hospital
Sierra's house
3. In season two's third episode, "Belle Chose" (which, for my money, is one of the series' best episodes so far), Victor and Echo are each imprinted with the memories of a serial killer who paralyzes female victims, setting them up like mannequins to reenact scenes from his childhood. The serial killer continually utters a specific phrase when something surprises him. What was the phrase?
My, my
Well, what do you know?
Goodness gracious
Surprised now
4. In the riveting episode, "Belonging," Echo is able to guess at the source of Sierra's sadness due to the fact that she paints something into every painting she makes at the Dollhouse. What does she include?
A closed door
A raven
A black blob
A knife
5. Later in "Belonging," we learn that Nolan, a man who had become infatuated with the girl Priya before she became "Sierra," had engineered her relocation to the Dollhouse and transformation into one of their dolls. How did he do it?
He repeatedly beat her with a baseball bat until she lost her memory
He hired Echo and Victor to kidnap her at her home
He tricked her into sitting down in Topher's mindwipe chair
He drugged her to appear like a paranoid schizophrenic
6. In the episode "The Public Eye," United States Senator Daniel Perrin puts a plan in action that will help bring down the Dollhouse. His trump card in this fight comes in the form of a former Doll who has agreed to testify before a Senate hearing. What is the name of the former Doll that plans to testify?
7. In that same episode, we see the Senator and his wife exchange some romantic dialogue that we later learn has some major significance. In this exchange, Senator Perrin says that he is his wife's "white knight." How does his wife respond?
I'm your damsel in distress
I'm your beautiful damsel
I'm your princess in a tower
I'm your faithful princess
8. We soon meet Bennett Halverson, the genius programmer of the DC Dollhouse. As is common in Joss Whedon's dramas, she has a physical impairment that reflects her emotional impairment. What ails her?
She has a blind right eye
She is missing a left foot
She has a scar across her neck
She has a dead left arm
9. In the episode "The Left Hand" (which should answer the last question for you), Topher is assigned the challenging task of hacking into the DC Dollhouse's computer network. While he visits the DC Dollhouse firsthand, what is the name of the person that sits behind his desk back in the LA Dollhouse?
10. The episode "The Left Hand" is certainly no more violent than other Dollhouse episodes, but there did seem to be an abnormal amount of face-punching going on. See if you can name the one character who did NOT get punched in the face this episode.
DC Programmer, Bennett Halverson
The Senator's wife, Cindy Perrin
LA Programmer, Topher Brink
11. The two episodes that we've been talking a lot about, "The Left Hand" and "The Public Eye," features a new device designed by Topher that will cause an active great pain, cause their nose to bleed, and eventually to them passing out. What was the name of this device?
The Disruptor
The Immobilizer
The Stunner
The Scrambler
12. In the episode, "Meet Jane Doe," Echo is living on the streets, abandoned by Senator Perrrin who's back in DC under the control of the Dollhouse. By the beginning of the episode, we see that Echo can now access previous imprints, using her newfound abilities to escape being arrested. What was she going to be arrested for?
Smashing an ATM to get money out of it
Leaving a restaurant without paying for her meal
Stealing food for a Hispanic woman
Stealing clothes when it starts raining
13. Later in "Meet Jane Doe," we find out the reason why Echo can selectively access attributes and abilities from her imprints while Alpha is more of a melange of imprints. What is the reason given?
Echo has fallen in love with Agent Ballard
She had been exposed to the Distruptor
Bennett imprinted her with a memory of Caroline
Females cannot be completely wiped
14. After the debacles in the previous episodes, Dewitt has lost control of the LA Dollhouse, being relegated to an assistant to Mr. Harding. She manages to wrest control of the Dollhouse back but only by violating the trust of one of her employees. Whose trust does she betray?
Mr. Harding
15. In the next episode, "A Love Supreme," we learn that someone is systematically killing every person who hired Echo for a romantic engagement. This person turns out to be Alpha, who sends a "message" to the Dollhouse through one of their dolls. Which doll was it?
16. The next episode, "Stop-Loss," shows two men in differing situations: Ballard is in a vegetative state after his encounter with Alpha, and Victor is ready to be released from the Dollhouse. He ends up getting recruited by a military wing of Rossum that uses men with active-architecture to form a "group mind." What is the name of the technology that they use?
Mind Whisper
Group Think
Collective Engagement
Hive Mind
17. Echo and Sierra (now in her "real" state of Priya) go after Victor (now in his "real" state of Anthony) to save him from the group mind. Echo eventually overcomes the group mind and frees the men, but how?
She plugs herself into the group mind and orders the men to stand down
She imprints herself with Topher's brain and shuts down the group mind via computer
Sierra plugs herself into the group mind and the men are awakened by her love for Anthony
Adelle calls Mr. Harding and issues an executive order to stop the project
18. Aaaaaaand, the moment we've been waiting for has arrived: Echo is finally sent to The Attic. She is forced to live and re-live the same situation over and over . . . but what is it?
Making love to Ballard, who then becomes Alpha
Escaping from The Dollhouse and then finding out that all people above ground are Dolls
Having her imprint deleted and having Caroline re-take her body
Escaping from The Attic and watching Priya and Anthony get killed
19. Inside The Attic, Echo meets someone that she used to know. Who is it?
20. Echo also meets a mysterious figure who has been going around to all the different Attics around the world and killing the people inside. What is he called?
21. In a great twist, Arcane turns out to be Clyde, co-founder of Rossum and the original discoverer of Active Architecture. He was betrayed by his partner at Rossum, who has been using the technology to complete Rosseum's ultimate mission. Clyde believes that this will result in a post apocalyptic world. Clyde, however, cannot remember the identity of his former partner . . . but one person knows who it is. Who knows the co-founder's identity?
22. In classic Joss Whedon-fashion, a flashback reveals that Echo's journey into the attic and subsequent discovery of Rossum's deepest secrets was an inside plan from the very beginning. Who engineered this brilliant mission?
23. The LA Dollhouse team prepares to imprint Echo with Caroline's identity but finds that her original wedge is missing. They are forced to bring in someone else to help repair a copy of the original wedge -- one that Alpha had damaged in Season 1. Who do they bring in?
24. To answer the last question, it was Bennett, the programmer of the DC Dollhouse, that was brought in. Sadly, in a shocking murder reminiscent of Tara's death on Buffy, Bennett is shot dead, right in front of Topher. Who killed Bennett?
25. In the second-to-last episode of Dollhouse, we see Priya and Anthony return to the LA Dollhouse after (presumably) a night of passion and hot lovemaking. They find the entire place in shambles. As they explore, they see a note with on the Imprint Chair telling them to activate it. Anthony gets in . . . but who does he get imprinted with?
26. Finally, in this penultimate episode, we find out why the founder of Rossum (who turns out to be Boyd, in a truly shocking twist) was so interested in Caroline / Echo all along. What was his reason?
Harnessing her spinal fluid to make a vaccine against imprints
Using her as a trap to finally catch Alpha
Imprinting Echo with over hundred imprints to make a new God
Leveraging her psychic resistance against imprints to re-open the Hellmouth
27. In the end, Echo is able to finish the job that Caroline started: she destroys Rossum. Of course, this act required a sacrifice. Who must sacrifice themselves to blow up the building?
28. At long last, we (very sadly) have come to the series finale of Dollhouse. In Epitaph Two: Return (the follow-up to Epitaph One, which was included on the Season 1 DVD set), we enter the apocalyptic world 0f 2020 where the imprinting technology has run amok. Echo and Ballard are still fighting to save people from Rossum, and Topher is still being forced to work on Rossum's imprinting technology. How have they been forcing him?
He spends one day in the Attic for each day that he doesn't finish their task
Priya and Echo are raped and assaulted each week until he finishes their task
They kill one person in front of him for every day that he doesn't finish their task
The real Topher is sent to the Attic and Topher 2.0 works in his place in the LA Dollhouse
29. There is hope, though. Topher believes that he can devise a device that will return all of the imprinted minds back to normal with a reflecting wave . . . you know, sort of like an "echo." The key to saving the world, of course, lies back in the LA Dollhouse. The team fights their way back home and finds an old friend waiting for them. Who do they find in the Dollhouse caring for the place?
30. One woman, vulnerable but valiant, forced to shoulder the burden of saving the world. It's a familiar theme for Joss. And just like that last time around, this woman must endure extreme loneliness as a result of her position in life. But unlike Buffy, Echo ends the show having banished her loneliness. How does she manage to do so?
She spends the following year, living in the Dollhouse with Priya, Anthony, Adelle, Topher and Alpha
She puts herself into a self-induced coma, spending the next year with the 100 different minds in her head
Echo is wiped as a result of Topher's pulse and disappears contented
Thanks to Alpha and Dewitt, Echo is imprinted with the mind of Paul Ballard

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