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How Well Do You Know: Sons of Anarchy: Season One
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Sons of Anarchy Season 1 quiz

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1. "Pilot": Opie angers his wife when she finds out he's doing a job for SAMCRO. Jax, who has been watching, tells Opie to stay back with his family. What excuse does Jax give Clay?
Opie got laid off from his other job
One of Opie's kids had an accident that needs immediate care
Opie's on house arrest
Opie forgot to plan for his and Donna's anniversary; it's tomorrow
2. "Pilot": What does SAMCRO stand for?
Sons of Anarchy Motorcade, Rosewood Organization
Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original
Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Charter
Sons of Anarchy Motorcade, Central Riverdale Organization
3. "Seeds": During the warehouse fire we saw in "Pilot," two women were burned. Whose SAMCRO semen was believed to be inside both?
4. "Seeds": How does SAMCRO finally dispose of the bodies?
They cremate them
They toss them in the sea
They bury them in the cemetery
They bury them outside Charming
5. "Fun Town": What's Fun Town?
A strip club
A carnival
A tattoo parlor
The code name for a new development in Charming
6. "Fun Town": SAMCRO sends Elliott Oswald an unorthodox gift in the mail. What?
A clown mask
7. "Patch Over": SAMCRO helps out a brother club from Nevada threatened by the Mayans. What's their name?
Lion's Cub
Devil's Tribe
8. "Patch Over": Tara is dismayed over a mysterious package she receives at work. What is it?
A letter detailing Clay's criminal history
A letter detailing Jax's criminal history
A photo of Jax having sex with another woman
A photo of Jax with Wendy
9. "Giving Back": Clay offers to protect a parolee in return for a huge payoff. Turns out the dude is a big masturbator. Who is it that says to the parolee, "You know, I used to have that. Then I turned 13."
10. "Giving Back": Gemma hosts a fundraiser, which she does annually. What's it for?
The middle school's music department
Volunteer firemen
Unser's cancer treatments
The high school's drama department
11. "AK-51": The chick Clay got intimate with in Nevada shows up at the auto shop. Learning of her husband's infidelity, Gemma nails her with a _____.
Roller skate
Beer bottle
12. "AK-51": Agent Kohn's supervisor seems to think Kohn is on vacation in _____, not on a work-related mission in California.
13. "Old Bones": Half-Sack was told to throw his bare-knuckle crawl match to earn money for SAMCRO. In the end, he doesn't. Why?
He truly loathes the dude he's battling
He sees Clay strike a deal with Laroy
He catches Cherry kiss Clay
Right before the fight, he raises the necessary funds
14. "Old Bones": The remains of Lowell's father are found with the remains of how many Mayans?
15. "The Pull": Everyone's doing their share to help raise the funds owed to the IRA. What's Half-Sack's bright idea?
He sells stolen diesel to Unser
He steals guns from the Niners and resells them at a discount
He steals a Suburban
He steals an emergency vehicle
16. "The Pull": Tara's stalker returns, and is in her house. How does she get him off of her?
She shoots him in the stomach
She knifes him in the back
She climbs out a window
She runs over him with her car
17. "Hell Followed": Following Alvarez's botched attempt at killing the heads of the Nords and SAMCRO, Clay offers a deal to Alvarez. What does he propose?
That the Mayans provide muscle whenever SAMCRO needs it
That SAMCRO begins selling guns to the Mayans at the Niners discount
That the Mayans strike a peace deal with the Nords
That SAMCRO has final say on any business deal the Mayans make with other clubs
18. "Hell Followed": A beautiful and moving instrumental version of CCR's _____ plays over the remaining four minutes of the episode.
"Fortunate Son"
"Who'll Stop the Rain"
"Long as I Can See the Light"
"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
19. "Better Half": Cherry reveals a number of secrets. Which of the following is false?
Her real name is Rita
She's still married
She calls herself Cherry after her beloved dead cat
She once burned down a condo
20. "Better Half": Why does Agent Stahl say this? "I'm gonna bury these assholes."
Because Jax catches her getting intimate with Hale
Because she knows Tig and Clay are responsible for Donna's demise
Because Otto pounds her head repeatedly on a desk
Because Clay kills a member of her family
21. "Capybara": What the heck is a Capybara?
A rodent
A bear
A reptile
A bird
22. "Capybara": Opie, released by Stahl, has been wired for sound in a number of places. How many does Tig NOT find?
23. "The Sleep of Babies": Clay learns Opie really isn't a rat, and tries to relay the information to Tig before he finishes the job. Tig never gets the call because he left his cellphone _____.
At his house
On his bike
At the club
On silent
24. "The Sleep of Babies": What item is Donna on the way to get when she's shot and killed by Tig while waiting at a stoplight?
Dishwasher powder
25. "The Revelator": By season's end, battle lines have seemingly been drawn. SAMCRO on one side, and Jax and _____ on the other.

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