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How Well Do You Know: The Philadelphia Story
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The Philadelphia Story quiz

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1. We first see Tracy Lord Haven and C.K. Dexter Haven as their marriage is ending. Dex pushes Tracy to the floor after she:
smashes his car windows
throws his clothes onto the front lawn
breaks his golf club in two
chases him outside while brandishing a baseball bat
2. Two years later, Tracy is set to marry George Kittredge at her family's estate. Tracy's sister Dinah comments that the day will be perfect, because Tracy won't stand for...what?
interruptions during the ceremony
wedding crashers
rain on her wedding day
her ex-husband Dex ruining the day
3. Dinah is not a huge fan of George, preferring Dex. Tracy tells Dinah there is only one way for her to postpone the wedding...what is it?
get smallpox
get kidnapped
find Dex
get hospitalized
4. What is Uncle Willie doing when Tracy and Dinah meet him at the stables?
napping in a stall
reading Spy Magazine
grooming a dog
greeting Tracy's father, who has just arrived for the wedding against Tracy's wishes
5. Miss Elizabeth Imbrie: "I can't afford to hate anyone. I'm only _______________."
the "help"
a librarian
a writer
a photographer
6. Dex had been working for Spy after his divorce from Tracy. Which office had he been working in?
Rio de Janeiro
Buenos Aires
Sao Paulo
7. Mike and Liz are introduced to the Lord family as:
wedding waitstaff
friends of Tracy's brother
distant cousins
the wedding cake decorators
8. Mike picks up the service phone and winds up speaking to Mrs. Lord. Who does he say he is?
Seth Lord
the voice of Doom
someone lost in the house
9. What is Dex's nickname for Tracy?
Mrs. Haven
10. What is the name of the dancer Tracy's father is suspected of having an affair with in New York City?
11. Mike asks about Tracy's leading characteristic. Dex says it is:
the ability to see through any lie
a total lack of tolerance for other's faults
the ability to make everyone around her feel inadequate
fear of men who wear their hats in the house
12. Dinah introduces herself to Mike and Elizabeth by playing the piano and singing what song?
Lydia the Tattooed Lady
Pennies from Heaven
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
If I Only Had a Brain
13. What does Mike say his father did for a living?
14. What does Tracy offer to Mike and Elizabeth as they walk to the pool?
moral support
a car
a house
15. Dex says that __________ is Tracy's religion.
16. What is the one essential that Mr. Lord says Tracy is missing in order to become a lovely woman?
an understanding heart
the capacity to forgive
a warm personality
an upbeat outlook on life
17. Who is the recipient of unwanted attention from Uncle Willie?
18. Tracy decides to deal with her father and Dex's less-than-flattering opinions of her by:
running away to elope with George
locking herself in the guest house
drinking champagne
calling off the wedding
19. What does Dex give to Tracy and George as a wedding present?
a model of their old boat
the final alimony check
a car
he leaves town
20. What is the nickname the inebriated Tracy keeps calling Mike?
21. Mike tells Dex the morning after the drunken poolside incident that he'd ____________ for a drink.
set his house on fire
sell his grandmother
cut off a finger
quit his job
22. What news does Dex relay to Tracy before her wedding to George that saddens her?
he's getting remarried
he's selling their boat
he's "over" her
he's moving to Buenos Aires permanently
23. What does Tracy say Dex should name his new boat, based on her?
Ice Queen
Easy Virtue
Warm Heart
24. Tracy agrees that marrying George would not be good for either of them. What does George demand Tracy do as a condition of their going through with the wedding as planned, before Tracy breaks it off?
refuse to work at her father's company
never stay out of his sight
stop talking to Dex
never drink again
25. Who crashes Tracy and Dex's wedding?
The editor of Spy Magazine
Spy Magazine's newest reporter
Joe Smith, Elizabeth's ex-husband

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