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How Well Do You Know: SNL Digital Shorts
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SNL Digital Shorts quiz

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If you want to be technical (and I do!), Laser Cats 5 spoofed AlienS more than Alien. And there was some Terminator thrown in there too, with the time travel and the dialogue.
theBigE 2/20/10 4:32 pm


1. "On the Ground": What's the first thing Andy throws to the ground?
A hot dog
An energy drink sample
A cell phone
Birthday cake
2. "On the Ground": In the end, what happens to Andy?
He runs away
He gets shot
He gets tasered
He picks back up something he dropped
3. "The Japanese Office": The Japanese version of Jim plays a prank on Dwight. What?
He puts his stapler in jello
He replaces all of his pencils with pens
He calls him disguised as Angela
He wraps his desk in cellophane
4. "The Japanese Office": The short is interrupted about halfway in by a tampon advertisement. Who's the host? (Hint: It's an impression).
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dwayne Johnson
Angelina Jolie
Regis Philbin
5. "Jizz in My Pants": Blink and you'll miss it. _____ has a quick cameo as a member of the grocery store janitorial staff.
Taylor Swift
Ryan Seacrest
Blake Lively
Justin Timberlake
6. "Jizz in My Pants": Finish the line: "I jizz right in my pants, every time your next to me. And when we're holding hands, it's like _____."
The world to me
Having sex with me
An explosion on my fingers
The Yankees winning the Pennant
7. "Laser Cats 5": Laser Cats 5 is a mix between Laser Cats, Avatar and _____.
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
8. "Laser Cats 5": Who appears in the short as an actual Avatar?
Andy Samberg
James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver
Sam Worthington
9. "Shy Ronnie": This digital short has Andy Samberg and Rihanna singing in a classroom. What word appears on the chalkboard behind them?
10. "Shy Ronnie": Near the end, Rihanna storms out of the room, only to come back. Why?
She wants to kiss Ronnie one last time
She forgot her purse
She wants to slap him because he can actually sing
She got lost
11. "Natalie Raps": What's notable about the short?
At over seven minutes, it's the show's longest
It features cameos by Cameron Diaz, James Franco, Tina Fey and RuPaul
It's mostly black and white
It's a web exclusive; it never actually aired on NBC
12. "Natalie Raps": Andy comes in near the end with his own singing verse. What's on his head?
A football helmet
A Viking helmet
A chef hat
A baseball cap
13. "Business Meeting with Rainn Wilson": This short has Office star Rainn Wilson surveying his company staff on how to save money. At one point he questions a gigantic _____ sub.
14. "Business Meeting with Rainn Wilson": Chief Big Cloud isn't the American Indian in the room. Instead, it's _____.
A half man, half shark
A wall-mounted tiger
Just a female executive
A delivery boy
15. "Pep Talk": Fred Armisen is a fast food manager whose head literally explodes after _____ walks in late.
Amy Poehler
Will Forte
Andy Samberg
Kristen Wiig
16. "Pep Talk": Finish the line: "Brad, seven seconds, I'm grabbing you by the collar, your face is in _____."
The cash register
The door jam
The back sink
The deep fryer
17. "Dick in a Box": While serenading _____, Andy smushes a single rose in her face.
Maya Rudolph
Amy Poehler
Kristen Wiig
Abby Elliott
18. "Dick in a Box": Andy and Justin spend part of the time on this sport battleground.
A football field
A baseball diamond
A basketball court
On ice
19. "Close Talkers": Discounting extras, how many actors appear?
20. "Close Talkers": Before they get in a fight, Will and Steve talk about _____?
How great they look
Their kids
The weather
21. "Laser Cats 2": What does the cure to laser cats look like?
Cough syrup
A pill
Powdered sugar
22. "Laser Cats 2": What's the villain's name?
Mr. Man
Catman Dogboy
The Destroyer
Dr. Scientist
23. "Two Worlds Collide": Finish Andy's line: "Flashback to when I first met Reba, sitcom dressing room puffing on chiva. Said I was a fan, she said groovy, dropped her denim skirt and said _____."
Let's do it
Hop to it
Tap at it
Hit on it
24. "Two Worlds Collide": Reba/Kenan interjects to tell Andy, "Your friends are smart." Why?
They have given up dating both men and women
They refuse to kiss Reba
They think Andy should dump Reba because she's a man
They think Andy and Reba would make a cute couple
25. "Two Worlds Collide": Where does Kenan find the wig that has Andy believing Kenan is actually Reba?
A secondhand store
A garage sale
His basement
A dumpster

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