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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Non-Fat Yogurt
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Seinfeld: The Non-Fat Yogurt quiz

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1. The city -- Seinfeld and friends included -- goes nuts for a new non-fat yogurt shop. Who financially invested in it?
2. Kramer notices that Elaine and Jerry have gained weight. When they weigh themselves, Elaine learns she has gained _____ pounds, while Jerry has gained _____.
3; 4
7; 8
11; 12
15, 16
3. When exclaiming his love for the yogurt, Seinfeld says _____, which is unfortunately overheard by the shopkeeper's young son.
The C word
The F word
The S word
4. Seinfeld teaches the boy a valuable lesson about swearing. That is, until the boy destroys a _____ of Jerry's stand-up routines.
Cassette tape
5. Who said it? "You don't eat Oreos? The way you break 'em open and.... It's like you're having sex with 'em."
6. Turns out the non-fat yogurt actually has fat. How does Elaine find this out?
She can tell by the taste
She conducts an experiment with Newman
She questions company headquarters
She takes it to a lab
7. Kramer gets touchy feely with a lab tech, which results in a blood sample slipping into a test tube belonging to _____.
Rudy Giuliani
David Dinkins
Michael Bloomberg
Bill Clinton
8. Who said it? "My whole life is a lie."
9. Elaine suggests to Lloyd Braun, an aide to the NYC mayor, that everyone should _____. Lloyd ends up taking the idea to the mayor, which is believed to have cost him the election.
Give up driving on Sundays
Wear name tags
Boycott American Airlines
Shave all facial hair
10. George is forced to fake a spasm after he is caught trying to get someone's attention. What appendage is afflicted?
His left leg
His right leg
His left arm
His right arm

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