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How Well Do You Know: Seinfeld: The Big Salad
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Seinfeld: The Big Salad Quiz

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1. While on their way to Monk's, George and his girlfriend, Julie, run into Elaine and Jerry on the street. Elaine can't go, but requests a "big salad" to go. Jerry can't make it to Monk's either. What's his excuse?
He just ate a bowl of Kix
He's sick of Monk's
He has a Mets game to watch
He tells George that he and Julie should dine alone
2. What goes wrong with the ordering of the big salad?
Monk's doesn't carry it, so George and Julie go on a wild goose chase to track one down
George orders Elaine a super salad, but doesn't know if that's the same thing as a big salad
Elaine never requested a specific dressing, so George is forced to improvise
Because Julie handed the salad to Elaine, George thinks Julie got the credit for something he purchased
3. Elaine is in need of a special type of _____ for her boss, Mr. Pitt. (Hint: It's called the Rolamech 1000).
4. Jerry finds it impossible to date Margaret because she used to date _____.
5. The answer is Newman. Even worse, Jerry can't wrap his head around what?
Newman dumped Margaret
Margaret dumped Newman
Newman and Margaret had twins together
Newman and Margaret not only dated, but were married
6. Speaking of Newman, "The Big Salad" marks the first time we see his apartment. It looks a lot like Jerry's, save for one major difference. What?
It's very... orange
It's super cluttered
It's completely without furniture
Its windows are on the opposite wall
7. Who said it? "Newman never stops seeing anybody. Newman will see whoever is willing to see him."
8. Kramer plays golf with a former professional baseball player, but becomes enraged with him when he allegedly breaks the rules. What does he do?
He self-assigns himself too great a handicap
He parks his golf cart on the wrong side of the fairway
At one particular hole, he washes his ball on his second shot -- not at tee off
He forces Kramer to tee off even though the group in front of them isn't finished with the hole
9. Following his altercation with Kramer on the gold course, the ex-MLB dude is suspected of murdering a dry cleaner. Kramer helps him evade police in a scene that alludes to what famous car chase?
The Great Escape's
O.J. Simpson's
The Italian Job's (1969)
The Love Bug's
10. Who said it? "Generally speaking, you don't need any extra incentive to murder a dry cleaner."

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