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How Well Do You Know: 2010: The Year in Movies, Part I
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1. What is this?
A bugger
A ruffian
A minion
A pixie
2. The remake of The Karate Kid transported the action from California in the original to this exotic location:
3. Justin Timberlake won general acclaim for his acting in The Social Network. The same Justin Timberlake earned scorn for providing the voice of a CGI:
4. Angelina Jolie starred as Evelyn Salt in Salt. The film was originally written for a male lead, as this actor was supposed to play the role of Edwin A. Salt:
Pierce Brosnan
Ryan Reynolds
Gerard Butler
Tom Cruise
5. Toy Story 3 topped $1 billion in worldwide gross box office. Which other 2010 release listed below also passed this mark?
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Iron Man 2
Alice in Wonderland
6. Which film boasted a curiously diverse cast, including Richard Dreyfuss, Jerry O'Connell, Ving Rhames, Dina Meyer, Eli Roth and Kelly Brook?
Easy A
The American
Jonah Hex
Piranha 3D
7. Elizabeth Gilbert's work was brought to the screen as the film:
Eat Pray Love
The Expendables
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Girl on the Train
By way of explanation.....
Gilbert also turned in a draft of the script of The Expandables. Stallone thought it was a bit pretentious and rejected it
8. Rooney Mara arguably scored the coup of the year when she landed the role in the lead of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Mara also played a small but pivotal role in which 2010 release?
The Social Network
The Town
Paranormal Activity 2
127 Hours
9. Each of the below followed a colon in the title of a 2010 wide release, except for:
The Lightning Thief
New Moon
Money Never Sleeps
By way of explanation.....
These were subtitles for Percy Jackson, Resident Evil, and Wall Street; Twilight: Eclipse was released in 2010, but New Moon was a 2009 film
10. Natalie Rushman proves to be quite the badass in this film:
Iron Man 2
By way of explanation.....
You know her better as her alter-ego Black Widow
11. Three out of these four movies starred male actors who have won Oscars. Choose the other one.
Iron Man 2
The Wolfman
Solitary Man
The Extra Man
By way of explanation.....
The final three choices starred Oscar winners Benecio del Toro, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline; please excuse our bad form in doing two back-to-back Iron Man 2 questions
12. "Nobody follow us or I kill myself and then her!" was a memorable line from the trailer for:
Knight and Day
The Wolfman
From Paris with Love
13. Which film begins with the note: "There are over 300 bank robberies in Boston every year...."
Despicable Me
Please Give
The Town
14. According to the subtitle of a film, who was "A Piece of Work?"
Michael Moore
Bill Clinton
Lindsay Lohan
Joan Rivers
15. Amanda Seyfried's up-and-comingness kept up-and-coming in 2010. Which of the following is not an Amanda Seyfried joint?
Letters to Juliet
Charlie St. Cloud
Dear John
16. This film has the tagline of "1,000,000 tons, 100,000 lives, 100 minutes."
The A-Team
The Expendables
17. A Viagra salesman is the semi-sympathetic lead character in this film:
Due Date
Love and Other Drugs
Morning Glory
Winter's Bone (God, we're funny.)
18. What is the opposite of Inception?
There is no opposite of Inception
19. Which reviled political figure was the subject of both a documentary and a biopic this year?
Jack Abramoff
Elliot Spitzer
John Ensign
John Edwards
By way of explanation.....
Make sure that you eventually treat yourself (if you haven't already) to both Casino Jack and the United States of Money and Casino Jack!
20. A TV spot laughably referred to this film as "This Generation's 'Heat'":
Lottery Ticket
The Losers
21. A giant hand layeth the smack down in the trailer for:
Jackass 3D
The Other Guys
22. After watching this film, you may have doubted the professionalism of some of the security force at the Pittsburgh airport:
She's Out of My League
Jackass 3D
The Crazies
You Again
By way of explanation.....
....and this was *before* the pat-down ridiculousness.
23. Which person involved with The Runaways was unhappy with their depiction in The Runaways movie?
Cherie Currie
Lita Ford
Kim Fowley
Joan Jett
24. The Cast of Valentine's Day is ridiculous. Which of these celebrities is not in the film?
Jennifer Aniston
Ashton Kutcher
Julia Roberts
Taylor Swift
By way of explanation.....
Jen was somehow not among the cast which numbered approximately 347
25. Which of these people is not a member of the new A-Team?
Bradley Cooper
Sharlto Copley
Quinton Jackson
Brock Lesnar

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