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How Well Do You Know: Shakespeare in Love
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Shakespeare in Love quiz

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kinta 5/8/16 8:32 am


1. What are the names of the two "dueling theaters" in Shakespeare in Love?
The Curtain and the Rose
The Globe and the Curtain
The Fortune and the Rose
The Globe and the Fortune
2. What is the name of the play Will Shakespeare is writing?
Henry IV, Wild and Crazy King of England
Lear the King and His Ungrateful Daughters
Romeo & Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter
Claudius and Hamlet, The Half-Blood Prince of Denmark
3. Actually, Will *should* be working on his play that he owes Henslowe. What do we see him doing instead?
Picking up a prostitute
Writing a love poem for his latest muse
Practicing his signature
4. What does Will need in order to finish his play?
A new quill and ink
A muse
A sign of gratitude from Mr. Henslowe
5. Will's shrink feels his problems in writing (and bed) can be solved using...what?
A special bracelet
A special pen
More psychiatric sessions
6. We first see Viola at a performance commanded by Queen Elizabeth, who seems to *love* the dog in the play. What is the name of the dog?
7. Why did Mr. Tilney, the Master of the Revels, open the playhouses despite having been closed due to the plague?
He wanted the plague to spread and get rid of degenerate actors
He realizes that playwrights need money
He was sick of hearing the Queen complain that she did not have plays being performed for her any more
He wanted to be able to sleep with a theater owner's seamstress without any interruptions
8. Where does Henslowe recruit "actors" to audition for Will's new play?
An alleyway
A rival theater
The street outside a brothel
The local pub
9. Will meets up with Christopher "Kit" Marlowe, who shares news that his new play is nearly done. What is the name of his new play?
Doctor Faustus
The Massacre at Paris
Edward II
The Jew of Malta
10. Henslowe gives his tailor a role in the play. Why does this worry Will?
The tailor stutters.
The tailor has short term memory loss and can't remember lines.
The tailor was formerly an actor from the rival theater's acting troupe.
The tailor mumbles.
11. A line from which play is used in nearly all of the actors' auditions?
Old Fortunatus
Northward Ho
Dr. Faustus
Two Gentlemen of Verona
12. Viola auditions, dressed in drag, for a role in Will's new play. What alias does she use?
Edward Steel
Matthew Smith
Thomas Kent
William James
13. How does Will get inside the de Lesseps house to get another look at Viola after seeing her in a boat?
He sneaks in with the band, who are there for a party.
He bribes the butler to let him inside the house.
He climbs up the balcony and sneaks into Viola's room.
He gets a job as a waiter at the party.
14. Ahh, that charmer. Lord Wessex tells Viola's parents that he is concerned with 2 aspects re: Viola. What are they?
Her looks and her dowry
Her fertility and her obedience
Her intelligence and her child-rearing skills
Her ability to adapt to change and her willingness to be subservient to her husband
15. Where is Wessex planning on moving once he has married Viola?
16. The Queen wants to see Viola before she stamps her seal of approval, so to speak, all over the Viola/Wessex union. Wessex warns Viola to be all but what?
17. Who comes up with the title "Romeo and Juliet"?
Hugh Fennyman
Christopher Marlowe
Ned Alleyn
Viola de Lesseps
18. How much does Will (as "Whilemina", Viola's Nurse) wager with Lord Wessex during the Queen and Viola's conversation regarding whether a play can show the true nature of love?
50 pounds
50 shillings
25 pounds
25 shillings
19. After Viola finds out that Will is married and storms out of the tavern, the patrons are informed that:
the playhouses have been closed again
Will's wife and children are in town
Wessex is angry and headed to the tavern to confront Will
Kit Marlowe is dead
20. Loan shark Mr. Fennyman is given a part in the play, which seems to make him *very* happy. What is his role?
Capulet swordsman
21. Where does Will find Viola (and haunt Wessex) after the death of Marlowe?
In a field
At church
At the cemetery
At the playhouse
22. How does that little brat John Webster "out" Viola as a woman?
He tricks her into using her natural, feminine voice.
He calls her "Viola" and she answers.
He drops a mouse down her shirt so she'll pull off her wig while freaking out.
He runs up to her and pulls off her fake moustache.
23. So, there's a woman on stage - oh no!! The Rose is shut down by the Master of the Revels. How does Will get his play on stage anyway?
Richard Burbage offers the use of rival theater The Curtain
He bribes Mr. Tilney with an offer of 50% of his future profits.
The Queen commands the play be staged in her honor, so Mr. Tilney changes his mind.
Mr. Fennyman and his "associates" rough up Mr. Tilney until he agrees to reopen The Rose.
24. Viola winds up on stage after all, mere hours after her wedding ceremony. Why is she needed on stage?
The original Juliet was killed hours before the performance.
The original Juliet's voice changed and could no longer pass as a woman.
Will refused to recast Romeo, saying he only wanted "Thomas Kent" for the part.
The new Romeo did not know all of the lines, and Viola, of course, did.
25. Queen Elizabeth, satisfied that a play can show the truth and nature of love, commands that Will write her a play. Which of his plays does he start writing for her?
The Taming of the Shrew
Much Ado About Nothing
Twelfth Night
A Midsummer Night's Dream

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