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How Well Do You Know: Serenity
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1. Why does River say that the Independents fight so hard against the Alliance?
Because they should.
Fighting is all they know.
They blame the Alliance for the Reavers.
We meddle.
2. What does the Operative argue is the reason that Simon Tam liberates his sister?
3. Which of these is not a quote from Serenity?
I aim to misbehave.
If you can't do something smart, do something right.
I'll be in my bunk.
Let's be bad guys.
4. How does Wash define 'interesting'?
Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die.
Some slight turbulence, then exploding.
The primary buffer panel falling off the ship.
Zoe in a white nightgown.
5. What tragedy befalls River as the group escapes the Reavers?
She gets speared in the leg by the trailing ship.
She has to sit next to Jayne.
She ruins her fancy dress.
She swallows a bug.
6. Captain Malcolm Reynolds gets beaten up *a lot* in this movie. Who is the first person to punch him?
Jayne Cobb
One of Mingo or Fanty - we can't tell them apart
The Operative
Simon Tam
7. Kaylee gives Simon several pieces of advice during their heart-rending separation. Which of these is *not* included?
Don't pay anyone in advance.
Don't ride in anything with a Capissen 38 engine. They fall right out of the sky.
Sometimes people have feelings. I'm referring here to people.
You shouldn't oughtta be so clean. It's a dead giveaway you don't belong.
8. Any Serenity fan worth their salt knows that 'Miranda' is the magic word that sets River's psycho setting to Kill All. But in the catchy commercial jingle that triggers her, what is the product being advertised?
Fray Comics
Fruity Oaty Bars
Mudder's Milk
Slim's Used Spacecraft
9. During the bar fight, River knocks out which of her Serenity companions?
Zoe *and* Jayne
10. Over the course of the film, someone shoots at three different unarmed people. Who is this person?
Jayne Cobb
Mal Reynolds
The Operative
River Tam
11. Which of the main cast from the TV show is the first to encounter The Operative?
Shepherd Book
12. How does the crew know that Inara's conversation with Mal was a trap?
Inara mentions the fact that she 'lost a trunk', which is code for 'trap'.
Inara promises Jayne a freebie.
The Operative's shadow is visible in the background.
Inara and Mal didn't fight.
13. How does The Operative describe River Tam to Mal?
She is a deadly weapon.
She is an albatross.
She is a frightened little schoolgirl.
She is much more unstable, much more...disturbed than you realize.
14. Finish this dialogue: 'He's not the plucky hero. The alliance isn't some evil empire. This isn't the grand arena.' And...
I have no stomach for games.
I want to resolve this like civilized men.
Nothing here is what it seems.
That's not incense.
15. Who or what does Miranda turn out to be?
The doctor in the Reavers' hologram
The Fruity Oaty Bar mascot
A planet in the Burnham quadrant
River's alternate personality
16. Mal alienates the crew when he embarks on what course of action?
Letting The Operative live
Neglecting to bury Book
Singing a few bars of The Hero of Canton
Using the bodies of friends to disguise Serenity as a Reaver ship
17. When the crew arrives at Miranda, they discover the horrific impact of G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate. How did most of the 30 million people die?
There was a terraforming event.
They let themselves die through total inaction.
They were killed by Reavers.
Vampires got them. It's a Joss Whedon production, after all.
18. What happens to Dr. Caron during the hologram?
She is killed by Reavers.
She jumps off a building
She shoots herself in the head
She sits down and loses focus as the Pax takes over.
19. Mal punctuates his stirring speech with the summation, 'I aim to misbehave.' What is the first reply?
Do we have a plan?
Shepherd Book used to tell me, 'If you can't do something smart, do something right.'
Still got the Reavers and possibly the Alliance between us.
They're gonna see this coming.
20. As Serenity comes through the atmosphere and The Operative sees the ship for the first time, what does he say immediately after commanding his officer to lock on?
Bastard's not even changing course.
Target the Reavers.
Target everyone. Somebody fire!
We should have done this as men.
21. Let's talk catchphrases. What is Wash's during the firefight?
I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.
I wanna go to the crappy town where I'm a hero!
We've got some local color happening. A grand entrance would not go amiss.
22. When Mal says, 'Tell me you brought 'em this time,' to what is he referring?
Lux mini-guns and Vera
Med kits
23. Which character is the first one to notice Wash isn't with Mal and Zoe?
24. Who or what is River going to retrieve when she looks at Simon and says, 'My turn'?
Simon's medical bag
25. What does Mal give to The Operative after their fight?
River Tam's location
A sword so that he can have a good death
The Firefly box set
A world without sin

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