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How Well Do You Know: L.A. Confidential
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Everyone who should have won an  Oscar for this movie, take a step back.

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1. Who wrote the novel on which the film is based?
Curtis Hanson
James Ellroy
Elmore Leonard
Graham Beckel
2. What is the motto of Fleur-de-Lis?
"Whatever you desire"
"Yes, we have a Rita Hayworth"
"Just the Facts, Jack"
"Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you"
3. What was Exley's rank at the beginning of the movie?
Detective Lieutenant
4. For what publication did Sid Hudgens write?
Badge of Honor
On the Q.T.
L.A. Confidential
5. Who was the crime boss for whom Johnny Stompanato worked?
Mickey Cohen
Brett Chase
Pierce Patchett
Ellis Loew
6. What did Bud find in the trunk of Sid's car outside the Victory motel?
Sid's body
A case of liquor
Shell casings from the Night Owl
Photos of Lynn and Exley
7. What was Bud White's real first name?
8. Which actress did Lynn Bracken resemble?
Veronica Lake
Marilyn Monroe
Rita Hayworth
Lana Turner
9. According to her mother, which distinguishing characteristic did Susan Lefferts have?
One blue eye, one brown eye
Birthmark on her hip
One leg was longer than the other
She was missing a finger
10. What was the model of the car seen outside the Night Owl?
Green Lincoln
Crown Red Folsom
Royal Blue Cord
Maroon Mercury Coupe
11. Who did Bud find rotting under Mrs. Lefferts's house?
Louis Fontaine
Susan Lefferts
Buzz Meeks
Inez Soto
12. Who did Sid Hudgens use to sting the District Attorney?
Lynn Bracken
Susan Lefferts
Matt Reynolds
Jack Vincennes
13. What was the name Exley gave to the man who gets away with everything?
Louis Fontaine
Rollo Tomassi
Roland Navarette
Leonard Shelby
14. Pierce Patchett participated in the trafficking of which drug?
15. How many people were killed in the Night Owl coffee shop?

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