Occasional HWDYK Newsletter: October 2009
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Occasional HowWellDoYouKnow Newsletter: October 2009

In September, we added another 28 quizzes to our catalog, bringing our total up to 662. The end of the summer gives us an opportunity to let you know what we've been up to at HowWellDoYouKnow.com. You'll find the complete list of September quizzes at the end of this newsletter.

TV Quizzes! We tested your knowledge on Weeds, Mad Men, Big Brother and Dollhouse. As the new TV season starts, all the cool kids are working on a quiz for a particular TV show. You should, too! (Click for details)

Sports Quizzes! As September ushered in the start of the new football season, we ran quizzes on Rudy, Football (in the) Movies, Sports Movie Coaches and NFL Cheerleaders. Don't forget Overpaid Jerks, our sports week- in-review quiz which runs each Monday.

Contributed Quizzes! HWDYK fans sent in quizzes on Dude, Where's My Car?, Sweet Home Alabama, The English Patient and Tomorrow Never Dies. We always welcome reader-contributed quizzes.

Popular Quizzes! We gave you new installments of some of our most popular quiz series, with Box Office Trivia: Summer 2009, Luke and/or Owen Wilson Movies and Studio & Distributor Logos II.

Coming in October: Superheroes, Superbad and classic movie quizzes. Also, as Halloween approaches, we'll regale you with a slew of horror movie quizzes.

The team at HowWellDoYouKnow.com

Full list of September 2009 quizzes:
Date  Quiz
9/1 For Your Eyes Only
9/2 Movie Posters VII
9/3 Rudy
9/4 This Is So Last Week: 8/28/09-9/3/09
9/6 Weeds: Season Five
9/7 Overpaid Jerks: 8/31/09-9/6/09
9/8 Box Office Trivia: Summer 2009
9/9 Football (in the) Movies
9/10 The English Patient
9/11 This Is So Last Week: 9/4/09-9/10/09
9/13 Mad Men: Season Two
9/14 Overpaid Jerks: 9/7/09-9/13/09
9/15 Luke and/or Owen Wilson Movies
9/16 NFL Cheerleaders
9/16 Big Brother: Season 11
9/17 Sweet Home Alabama
9/18 This Is So Last Week: 9/11/09-9/17/09
9/20 True Blood: Season Two
9/21 Overpaid Jerks: 9/14/09-9/20/09
9/22 There Will Be Blood
9/23 Dollhouse: Season 1
9/23 Studio & Distributor Logos II
9/24 Dude, Where's My Car?
9/25 This Is So Last Week: 9/18/09-9/24/09
9/27 Six Feet Under: Season One
9/28 Overpaid Jerks: 9/21/09-9/27/09
9/29 Tomorrow Never Dies
9/30 Sports Movie Coaches

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