Occasional HWDYK Newsletter: May 2009
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Occasional HowWellDoYouKnow Newsletter: May 2009

Hello from your friends at HowWellDoYouKnow.com!

In April, we added 28 more quizzes to our catalog, bringing our total to 509. You can find a list of all the April quizzes at the end of this newsletter.

April was an outstanding month for the site. In addition to publishing our 500th quiz (see our timeline), we published a number of sports/entertainment related quizzes which were linked from Sports Illustrated's Hot Clicks page (Baseball in the Movies, Hoosiers, Friday Night Lights Season 3 and NFL Draft Trivia). These quizzes quickly jumped to the top of the list of our most popular quizzes ever.

We offered quizzes on unexpected blockbusters from 2008. Epiphany and Carolyn Thibodeaux contributed to a 2-part feature on Twilight, and we also served up a test on Mamma Mia!

More reader contributions: Qale sent us a quiz on the Hugh Grant film About a Boy, while Kelly Jemo tested your knowledge on Adam Sandler's The Wedding Singer.

We ran a quiz on the most recent Best Picture Oscar winner, Slumdog Millionaire. Naturally, we followed that up the next day with Ben Van den Bosch's Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes.

To round out the month, we continued with new installments of Who Died (Part III), Actresses and Their Roles and the latest in Ben Willoughby's James Bond film quiz series, Die Another Day.

Coming in May, watch for more TV, movie and pop culture quizzes. We'll recap the seasons for The Amazing Race and Star Wars, offer quizzes on The Da Vinci Code and The Wrestler, and cover The Terminator and The Dark Knight.

The team at HowWellDoYouKnow.com

Full list of April 2009 quizzes:
Date  Quiz
4/1 The Fast and the Furious
4/2 This Is So Last Week: 3/27-4/2
4/2 Baseball (in the) Movies
4/5 Overpaid Jerks: 3/30-4/4
4/6 Hoosiers
4/7 Twilight (Easier Version)
4/8 Actresses and Their Roles
4/9 About a Boy
4/10 This Is So Last Week: 4/3-4/9
4/12 Twilight (Twi-Harder Version)
4/13 Overpaid Jerks: 4/5-4/12
4/14 Friday Night Lights, Season 3
4/15 Slumdog Millionaire
4/16 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Quotes
4/17 This Is So Last Week: 4/10-4/16
4/19 How I Met Your Mother, Season Two: Part I
4/20 Overpaid Jerks: 4/13-4/19
4/21 Mamma Mia! (Easier Version)
4/22 Who Died? Part III
4/23 NFL Draft Trivia
4/23 Die Another Day
4/24 This Is So Last Week: 4/17-4/23
4/25 Mamma Mia! (Harder Version)
4/26 How I Met Your Mother, Season Two: Part II
4/27 Overpaid Jerks: 4/20-4/26
4/28 The Wedding Singer
4/29 Wedding Crashers
4/30 30 Rock, Season 1 (Easy)

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