Occasional HWDYK Newsletter: January 2010
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Occasional HowWellDoYouKnow Newsletter: January 2010

December was by far the most prolific month we've had ad HWDYK.com. We added 59 quizzes to our catalog, bringing our total up to 782. You'll find the complete list of December quizzes at the end of this newsletter.

2009 was an awfully good year for our site. We'd like to sincerely thank all of our staff, contributors and especially our readers for making 2009 so successful.

At year's end, we compiled a list of 25 of our favorite quizzes published during 2009. How many of them have you taken?

Star Trek quizzes: We gave our readers a chance to test their knowledge on the 2009 blockbuster Star Trek with a two-part quiz. Reader Mike Durkin also contributed a quiz on Star Trek: First Contact.

Decade-in-review quizzes: How is your long-term memory? We ran a quiz on Movie Box Office in the 2000s, which ended up being December's most popular quiz. Also, right before New Years, we published a quiz on Oscars in the 2000s.

Christmas quizzes: As the holidays approached, we served up quizzes on the classic Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, The Santa Clause and A Muppet Christmas Carol.

TV quizzes, part 1: Ben Willoughby made an outstanding contribution to the site, writing a quiz-per-episode series on one of the decade's best TV programs, Arrested Development. Meanwhile, we recapped the latest iterations of reality shows Survivor, The Amazing Race and Top Chef.

TV quizzes, part 2: Now that we've reached the midpoint of the 2009-10 TV season, Eric Hughes wrote quizzes on the first halves of the current season of The Office, Community and Parks and Recreations.

Other highlights: From Taylor Lautner Trivia to Diamonds Are Forever, from 17 Again to Fast and Furious, from TV Shows by Theme Song to Pixar's Up, we covered every corner of the entertainment map.

Coming in January: We'll run quizzes on 2009: the year in movies, pop culture and music. Also, look for quizzes on 27 Dresses, The Hangover, Total Recall, The Dirty Dozen and much more.

The team at HowWellDoYouKnow.com

Full list of December 2009 quizzes:
Date  Quiz
12/1 Fast & Furious
12/1 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 01: Pilot
12/2 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 02: Top Banana
12/2 That's Not My Movie (Director's Edition II)
12/3 Up
12/3 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 03: Bringing Up Buster
12/4 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 04: Key Decisions
12/4 This Is So Last Week: 11/27/09-12/3/09
12/5 Lost, Season 3 Part 1
12/5 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 05: Charity Drive
12/6 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 06: Visiting Ours
12/6 Breaking Bad: Season One
12/7 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 07: In God We Trust
12/7 The Amazing Race 15
12/7 Overpaid Jerks: 11/30/09-12/6/09
12/8 Star Trek (Part 1)
12/8 Better Off Ted, Season 1
12/8 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 08: My Mother, The Car
12/9 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 09: Storming the Castle
12/9 Star Trek (Part 2)
12/10 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 10: Pier Pressure
12/10 Top Chef Las Vegas
12/11 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 11: Public Relations
12/11 Lost, Season 3 Part 2
12/11 This Is So Last Week: 12/4/09-12/10/09
12/11 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 12: Marta Complex
12/13 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 13: Beef Consomme
12/13 Paper Heart
12/14 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 14: Shock and Aww
12/14 Parks and Recreation: Season Two, Part 1
12/14 Overpaid Jerks: 12/7/09-12/13/09
12/15 The Office: Season Six, Part I
12/15 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 15: Staff Infection
12/15 17 Again
12/16 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 16: Missing Kitty
12/16 Dexter: Season Four
12/16 Box Office: The Decade of the 2000s
12/17 Community: Season One, Part 1
12/17 Diamonds Are Forever
12/17 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 17: Altar Egos
12/18 This Is So Last Week: 12/11/09-12/17/09
12/18 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 18: Justice is Blind
12/19 The Muppet Christmas Carol
12/19 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 19: Best Man for the Job
12/20 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 20: Whistler's Mother
12/20 Miracle on 34th Street
12/21 Overpaid Jerks: 12/14/09-12/20/09
12/21 Survivor: Samoa
12/21 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 21: Not Without My Daughter
12/22 Arrested Development, Season 1 Episode 22: Let Em Eat Cake
12/22 Home Alone
12/23 The Santa Clause
12/24 The Office, Season 5 Episode 11: Moroccan Christmas
12/26 This Is So Last Week: 12/18/09-12/25/09
12/27 Star Trek: First Contact
12/28 Overpaid Jerks: 12/21/09-12/27/09
12/29 Oscars in the 2000s
12/30 TV Shows by Theme Song
12/31 Taylor Lautner Trivia

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