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17 Again 12/15/09 74.60%[18.65/25]        Comments
After appearing in a supporting role in Hairspray, he moved on to a headlining role in this teen comedy that is a lot better than you'd probably expect.
Adventureland 11/22/09 78.35%[15.67/20]        Comments
Adventureland stars Jesse Eisenberg as an awkward college grad who rashly accepts a job at a lowly Pennsylvanian amusement park. Kristen Stewart also stars, but don't necessarily let that be a turn-off.
American Pie 7/20/05 73.00%[14.60/20]        Comments
Ah, horny teenagers. Back in the innocent days of 1999, the Weitz brothers gave us this surprisingly sweet look at friendship and sexual frustration.
Animal House 12/8/10 72.32%[18.08/25]        Comments
"Animal House" has been what every high schooler has wanted his college life to be like.
Back to School: Going to School in the Movies 8/30/11 61.60%[15.40/25]        Comments
The end of every summer means the start of a new school year, and a chance for us to remember our favorite high-school and college-based movies.
Bandslam 1/12/16 82.90%[24.87/30]        Comments
Featuring some of the great performance piece in music films of late, Bandslam is an infectiously charming high school film.
Better Off Dead 8/25/05 82.00%[16.40/20]        Comments
John Cusack made quite a career of being the hopeless but lovable teen in teen romantic comedies.
Breakfast Club, The: 8/25/05 73.70%[14.74/20]        Comments
You know who they are: the brain, the basket case, the athlete, the princess and the criminal.
Bring It On 9/6/11 84.00%[21.00/25]        Comments
Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union star as captains of rival spirit squads. How well do you know Bring It On?
Dangerous Minds 3/2/16 79.95%[15.99/20]        Comments
We *dare* you to take this quiz without hearing Coolio in your head!
DUFF, The: 6/24/15 86.80%[17.36/20]        Comments
Bianca looks for help in becoming more popular when she discovers that she's known as the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) of her group of friends.
Easy A 1/11/11 81.52%[20.38/25]        Comments
Olive Penderghast wants to spice up her anonymous high school existence, and goes to unusual lengths to do so.
Eurotrip 1/27/11 85.16%[21.29/25]        Comments
The 2004 film followed four fresh-out-of-high school friends as they traveled to Europe to correct a romantic misunderstanding.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 6/7/11 89.35%[17.87/20]        Comments
Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Amy Heckerling's 1982 teen comedy that introduced us to unknown actors in their first cinematic roles and have gone on to be Oscar winners.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 5/25/05 67.10%[13.42/20]        Comments
he Tao of Ferris may have been your way of life at one time and maybe it still is, but how well do you know Ferris Bueller's Day Off?
Goonies, The: 6/13/07 64.30%[12.86/20]        Comments
Filled with laughs, scares, booby traps, an ancient map to lost treasure, and a dastardly trio of villains, what more could a kid ask for?
High School Musical 8/15/07 82.76%[20.69/25]        Comments
High School Musical has become such a phenomenon that it has spawned at least one sequel, ice skating shows, clothes, toys and games.
Karate Kid, The: 6/8/10 70.57%[21.17/30]        Comments
A teenage boy, thrashed frequently by karate-wielding badasses, learns karate from a quite old maintenance man.
Mean Girls 4/25/07 86.76%[21.69/25]        Comments
But the film still stands as a great bit of fun nastiness as we follow Lindsay, Tina Fey and Rachel McAdams on a descent into Girl World.
Napoleon Dynamite 7/29/13 77.80%[19.45/25]        Comments
If it's hip to be square, well, then, a young lad named Napoleon Dynamite may be the most awesome teen around. Test your knowledge on this 2004 cult classic.
Never Been Kissed 2/12/14 78.80%[23.64/30]        Comments
Before he was in Alias, Michael Vartan was Drew Barrymore's love interest in Never Been Kissed, which features supporting performances by Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Octavia Spencer and others.
Pretty in Pink 11/14/07 58.64%[14.66/25]        Comments
Think you're over missing your own Prom? Think again. Here we bring you a quiz that makes the pain of being dumped of being dumped on Prom night. Poor Molly Ringwald.
Say Anything... 5/16/05 69.55%[13.91/20]        Comments
After finding precocious success with his book and screenplay for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cameron Crowe made his directorial debut with the sweet, intelligent teen romance Say Anything...
Sixteen Candles 8/22/07 73.92%[18.48/25]        Comments
In her first collaboration with John Hughes, Molly Ringwald played a high school sophomore whose family has forgotten her birthday.
Some Kind of Wonderful 4/4/07 59.45%[11.89/20]        Comments
Some Kind of Wonderful is not just another formulaic 1980's teen movie -- it added heart and chemistry to its formula.
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