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Stand By Me 7/18/07 62.72%[15.68/25]        Comments
Do you deserve a leech on your junk or a group of friend's who won't make fun of you for passing out when you find it? Test your Stand by Me IQ.
Superbad 10/8/09 79.70%[15.94/20]        Comments
The Greg Mottola-directed comedy is vulgar, dirty, sexy and just downright funny.
Teen Wolf 5/31/11 75.96%[18.99/25]        Comments
More than half a decade before Taylor Lautner was even born, Michael J. Fox was the original Teen Wolf.
Ten Things I Hate About You 8/29/07 81.20%[20.30/25]        Comments
10TIHAY introduced Heath Ledger to the moviegoing public. It's just too good to be true.....
Showing results 26 - 29 of 29
Previous Results

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