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Sabrina 1/24/18 67.76%[16.94/25]        Comments
Two brothers fall for the same woman - who just happens to be their chauffeur's daughter.
2001: A Space Odyssey 2/28/17 52.68%[13.17/25]        Comments
It's one of the undeniable classics in both science fiction and all of cinema. Its footprint is still evident in films today. And it's a reminder that computers will in fact one day kill us all.
Wings (1927) 2/22/17 57.50%[11.50/20]        Comments
It's a landmark in cinema. It launched stars and set moviemaking on the path toward today. How well do you know Wings?
American in Paris, An 1/10/17 41.67%[10.00/24]        Comments
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron positively burst through the screen in the early 50s musical An American in Paris.
Apartment, The: 12/20/16 46.20%[11.55/25]        Comments
It's a Billy Wilder classic. How well do you know The Apartment?
Anchors Aweigh 9/27/16 42.84%[10.71/25]        Comments
It's the all-singing, all-dancing classic from the 40s starring Kelly and Sinatra. How well do you know Anchors Aweigh?
Ben-Hur 9/7/16 55.09%[18.18/33]        Comments
A film classic that received an unnecessary, and unsuccessful do you know the original Ben-Hur?
Roman Holiday 7/19/16 80.08%[20.02/25]        Comments
An incognito princess meets a newspaper reporter and the two spend the day together in Rome, both hiding their true identities from the other.
White Christmas 12/18/12 80.84%[20.21/25]        Comments
It's a holiday classic filmed with memorable stars. Crosby, Kaye and Clooney team up for this timeless seasonal treasure.
Vertigo 7/26/12 69.40%[20.82/30]        Comments
Hitchcock's fantasies about blonde ice queens, his fetish obsessions, his need for control over women and his disinterest in them as people are all laid out on the screen in Vertigo, clearer than any Rorschach test.
Psycho 4/18/12 66.27%[19.88/30]        Comments
Some of my men hopefully sent their wives to take the quiz. The women emerged badly shaken but still vigorously vocal.
Wizard of Oz, The: 2/21/12 69.31%[18.02/26]        Comments
You may know that only bad witches are ugly and that there truly is no place like home, but how well do you know The Wizard of Oz?
Pinocchio 11/6/11 69.64%[17.41/25]        Comments
Before you set off for Pleasure Island, see how well you know the Disney timeless classic Pinocchio.
Dumbo 10/8/11 77.40%[15.48/20]        Comments
Dumbo is Disney's classic ugly duckling story. An adorable baby circus elephant with a physical peculiarity is mocked by his fellow pachyderms.
Peter Pan 9/24/11 75.80%[22.74/30]        Comments
Peter Pan is Disney's animated classic about the boy who won't grow up. Peter transports siblings Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland, where countless adventures await.
Sleeping Beauty 9/18/11 79.30%[23.79/30]        Comments
Sleeping Beauty is Disney's timeless animated retelling of a classic fairy tale. A child princess, cursed by an evil witch, hides under the watch of three fairies.
Cinderella 9/11/11 73.08%[18.27/25]        Comments
Second, perhaps, only to Snow White, Cinderella will always remain a permanent fixture at the top of the Disney pantheon.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 9/4/11 68.33%[20.50/30]        Comments
The film marked the beginning of the Disney empire and remains a beloved classic.
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The: 8/7/11 64.27%[19.28/30]        Comments
In the third film of the Man With No Name trilogy, there are no less than three morally ambivalent lead characters, each one prepared to partner, betray and brutalise the other two to get what they want.
Fistful of Dollars, A 7/30/11 64.88%[16.22/25]        Comments
Step one: ride into town. Step two: star a war between rival factions. Step three: profit!
Lawrence of Arabia 6/4/11 61.80%[18.54/30]        Comments
For some men, nothing is written. For the rest of us, there is answering movie trivia quizzes.
Mary Poppins 12/14/10 78.35%[15.67/20]        Comments
This Disney musical based on the books of P.L. Travers netted a Best Actress Oscar for newcomer Julie Andrews, who took on the role of Mary Poppins after being passed over for the movie role she was lobbying for.
Classic Film Stars 8/25/10 71.24%[17.81/25]        Comments
They have fascinated our parents and grandparents as much as they have beguiled us, and they will continue to entice our children and children's children for as long as movies exist
Breakfast at Tiffany's 7/31/10 75.92%[18.98/25]        Comments
Breakfast at Tiffany's is an American movie classic, making numerous "best-of" lists - including the American Film Institute's 100 Best Passions and 100 Best Songs.
Philadelphia Story, The: 2/13/10 75.44%[18.86/25]        Comments
It teamed Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn for the fourth time, marked the resurrection of Hepburn's career after she had been labeled "box office poison".
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