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2009: The Year in Music 1/9/10 46.76%[11.69/25]        Comments
From Kanye's "I'ma let you finish" to the summer death of the King of Pop, 2009 was a wild year in the industry.
TV Shows by Theme Song 12/30/09 60.68%[15.17/25]        Comments
We've listed 25 opening themes to well-known TV shows, and to make things easier, we've provided the name of the artist that performed the song.
Soundtracks II 1/28/09 70.68%[17.67/25]        Comments
You hear them every time you play a movie, but how well do you know them? Here's a quiz on movie soundtracks.
Soundtracks 7/21/08 64.20%[16.05/25]        Comments
In our continuing efforts to test your knowledge of filmdom, we turn our attention to movie soundtracks.
Showing results 26 - 29 of 29
Previous Results

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