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Singer/Band Countries of Origin 10/15/14 55.80%[11.16/20]        Comments
Know where U2 comes from? Probably. But what about Pantera? Ylvis? Tokio Hotel? Test your pop music knowledge with this fun quiz.
AC/DC 3/12/14 29.47%[8.84/30]        Comments
Make sure you know which songs are Brian's and which are Bon's, and blast your way through this AC/DC quiz.
Numbers in Album Titles 7/3/13 50.40%[10.08/20]        Comments
From Sugar Ray to Wu-Tang Clan, from Adele to Night Ranger, test yourself on your knowledge of digits, times, and ordinals that figure into album titles.
Complete the Album Title 3 5/30/13 57.65%[11.53/20]        Comments
Albums from Queen of the Stone Age, Billy Joel, 50 Cent and Jimi Hendrix highlight our third Complete the Album Title quiz.
1990s Bands by Lead Singer 3 5/16/13 74.40%[14.88/20]        Comments
Twas the era of Korn, The Breeders, Pearl Jam and of course the Gunners. Here's a quiz on 90s lead singers. Righteous!
Album Covers 3 4/3/13 59.95%[11.99/20]        Comments
Here's yet another chance for you to test your album cover IQ. No need to thank us. On the other hand, go right ahead.
1980s Bands by Lead Singer 4 1/8/13 70.85%[14.17/20]        Comments
Here's another chance to return to the Greatest Era of Music Ever, in a pleasing quiz format. You may know your Holly Johnson from your Boy George, but how well do you know your 1980s bands by lead singer?
2012: The Year in Music 12/19/12 52.16%[13.04/25]        Comments
Katy Perry, Adele and Kelly Clarkson still shaped the direction of music in 2012, but so did a fresh crop of newcomers. See how well you know the past year in music.
1990s Bands by Lead Singer 2 11/28/12 59.85%[11.97/20]        Comments
It was the era of Pearl Jam, STP, Nirvana and Soundgarden. Plus, crappy indie rock you no longer listen to. See how well you can identify 1990s band if given the lead singer.
1970s Bands by Lead Singer II 10/16/12 79.20%[15.84/20]        Comments
Styx, Kansas, Wings. Motorhead, Heart and Earth, Wind and Fire. Test your knowledge on the awesome era of 1970s music with this quiz on lead singers from that decade.
Album Covers 2 9/11/12 61.65%[12.33/20]        Comments
Here's a new slew of trivia questions about album covers. Colorful, stark, silly or controversial - test your knowledge of these album cover jackets.
1980s Bands by Lead Singer 3 8/2/12 65.05%[13.01/20]        Comments
We'll give you a lead singer of an 80s act, and ask you to identify the band he or she fronted. How well do you know 80s Bands by Lead Singer?
Bands by Lineup II 6/19/12 76.85%[15.37/20]        Comments
You may know all the members of both The Ruttles and The Buggles, but how well do you know Bands by Lineup, Part 2?
Complete the Album Title 2 3/22/12 63.80%[12.76/20]        Comments
20 more albums each with a single word from each title. Can you pick out the word which correctly finishes each title.
1980s Bands by Lead Singer 2 1/19/12 63.30%[12.66/20]        Comments
Let's return once more to the golden age of the 1980s...when the new wave was getting its groove on and rap was born.
2011: The Year in Music 1/5/12 49.40%[12.35/25]        Comments
Chances are, you heard music in 2011. So why not test your knowledge of the year in tours, charts, videos, etc?
1970s Bands by Lead Singer 12/14/11 72.95%[14.59/20]        Comments
Let's see how well you know the bands of the 1970s. We'll give you a lead singer of an 70s act, and ask you to identify the band he or she fronted.
Bands by Lineup 11/30/11 69.95%[13.99/20]        Comments
Move music trivia! We'll give you a list of band member names, you just have to identify the band. So put your thinking cap on.
Album Covers 11/17/11 61.30%[12.26/20]        Comments
So dust off your LPs, or at least peer at the little icon in the corner of your Spotify. Let's see How Well Do You Know Album Covers.
Singer/Musician Real Names II 11/3/11 64.70%[12.94/20]        Comments
How well do you know the real names of singers and musicians? We'll give you a birth name, and you'll have to match the correct performer.
Complete the Album Title 9/28/11 57.36%[14.34/25]        Comments
There's nothing tricky, at least concept-wise, behind this music quiz. How well can you Complete the Album Title?
1990s Bands by Lead Singer 9/15/11 70.10%[14.02/20]        Comments
We'll give you a lead singer of an 90s act, and ask you to identify the band he or she fronted.
Singer/Musician Real Names 8/3/11 69.20%[13.84/20]        Comments
You may know your William Bruce Rose from your Prince Rogers Nelson, but how well do you know Singer and Musician Real Names?
1980s Bands by Lead Singer 6/28/11 61.80%[12.36/20]        Comments
1980s music has earned a special place in the pop culture pantheon. Test your knowledge of 80s lead singers.
2010: The Year in Music 12/28/10 36.55%[7.31/20]        Comments
It's time to remember the year that was in music by answering some questions based on Taylor Swift, Kanye, Arcade Fire and so on.
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