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Fellowship of the Ring (Part I), The: 3/17/08 79.16%[19.79/25]        Comments
Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring redefined cinematic fantasy epics and launched one of the great film trilogies of our time.
Fellowship of the Ring (Part II), The: 3/19/08 81.44%[20.36/25]        Comments
You may have spent a good part of the early 2000's trying to perfect rolling the r's in Mordor, but how well do you know The Fellowship of the Ring?
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Part 1, The: 11/27/13 82.83%[24.85/30]        Comments
Wizards, gnarly beasts, forgotten swords and a creeping menace help fill the first three hours of The Hobbit's film adaptation.
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Part 2, The: 12/10/13 78.30%[23.49/30]        Comments
If you know Kili from Fili, Bifur from Bombur and Oin from Gloin, here is a trivia quiz for you.
Lord of the Rings Franchise Screenshots 9/19/12 78.32%[19.58/25]        Comments
As the first of the Peter Jackson adaptations of The Hobbit nears release, let's look back on the critical and popular smash that was the Lord of the Ring franchise. Here's a quiz on screenshots from those movies.
Lord of the Rings Franchise Screenshots 2 12/6/12 80.64%[20.16/25]        Comments
Middle Earth, there's no place like it. You kind of wish you were there right now, right? Through this Lord of the Rings screenshots quiz, you can! See how many of these images you can match to the correct movie.
Return of the King (Part I), The: 4/21/08 77.48%[19.37/25]        Comments
You may know your Minas Tirith from your Minas Morgul, but how well do you know The Return of the King?
Return of the King (Part II), The: 4/23/08 66.76%[16.69/25]        Comments
The Lord of the Rings draws to a close (eventually!) with battles, betrayals, and an awful lot of journeying.
Two Towers (Part I), The: 3/31/08 70.16%[17.54/25]        Comments
The Two Towers follows the separate and perilous journeys of the frayed Fellowship as they head towards the inevitable War of the Ring.
Two Towers (Part II), The: 4/2/08 65.40%[16.35/25]        Comments
OK, Tolkien fans: You may know your way through the Misty Mountains, but how well do you know LOTR: The Two Towers?
Showing results 1 - 10 of 10

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