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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E08: The Things We Bury 12/11/14 86.10%[17.22/20]        Comments
The Grant/Christian conflict finally comes to a head, while the team further investigates the alien entity.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E09: Ye Who Enter Here 12/16/14 77.00%[15.40/20]        Comments
It's a race to the temple for SHIELD and Hydra! The fate of many, many things hang in the balance.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E10: What They Become 12/18/14 84.77%[25.43/30]        Comments
It's the mid-season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It's action-packed. It's drama-laden. It's perfect for a trivia quiz. So, enjoy!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E11: Aftershocks 4/1/15 83.64%[20.91/25]        Comments
Aftershocks rattle S.H.I.E.L.D. and Cal schemes. Raina and Skye struggle with what they've become while Hydra falls.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E12: Who You Really Are 4/7/15 79.55%[15.91/20]        Comments
Asgard arrives on Midgard, but why? Skye is in danger from herself, her mysterious visitor and possibly her own team.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E13: One of Us 4/14/15 75.05%[15.01/20]        Comments
It's a showdown! Mad Cal versus Son of Coul with the fate of Daisy in the balance!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E14: Love in the Time of Hydra 4/22/15 78.35%[15.67/20]        Comments
Things are in flux as Coulson deals with Skye and her powers, Ward and 33 make their presence known and the "real" S.H.I.E.L.D. rears its head.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E15: One Door Closes 4/28/15 85.60%[17.12/20]        Comments
Doors open and close for everyone. Gonzalez makes his move, Skye is offered refuge, and Coulson's team is scattered.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E16: Afterlife 5/6/15 83.60%[16.72/20]        Comments
Skye joins an Inhuman community, Coulson and Hunter try to avoid Gonzalez's forces, and Gonzalez makes an intriguing offer to May while Fitz ponders his future.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E17: Melinda 5/12/15 77.90%[15.58/20]        Comments
May's history is explored, revealing how she earned the name The Cavalry, Coulson's secret activities are brought to light, Skye has a reunion and Fitz makes contact with Coulson.
Path to The Avengers, The: 5/1/12 81.84%[20.46/25]        Comments
Let's take this opportunity to determine How well do you know The Path to The Avengers.
Secret Identities: Superheroes in Film 7/19/11 76.64%[19.16/25]        Comments
Behind every mask, cape or uniform, is a person that's the real character of a superhero.
Spider-Man 5/23/06 79.20%[15.84/20]        Comments
In May of 2002, Spider-Man opened to $114.8 million. The movie went on to earn $403.7 million domestically and $403 million abroad.
Spider-Man 2 6/1/06 71.00%[17.75/25]        Comments
Shockingly, this was the rare sequel that not only matched but arguably surpassed its predecessor. Peter Parker's student/working-class struggles directly intersected with his costumed superheroing.
Thor 5/3/12 77.44%[19.36/25]        Comments
Thor drinks too much, eats too much and fights too much. In short, he is all that is man
X2: X-Men United 5/22/06 80.60%[20.15/25]        Comments
X-Men was a huge financial hit and generally well received by fans, to boot. However, the difference in terms of quality between X2: X-Men United and X-Men is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.
X-Men 5/22/06 76.48%[19.12/25]        Comments
X-Men was Bryan Singer's gripping examination of nobility, valor and prejudice. Test your knowledge of all things mutant.
X-Men: First Class 9/27/11 65.32%[16.33/25]        Comments
Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time.
X-Men: The Last Stand 4/9/08 77.68%[17.09/22]        Comments
With new director Brett Ratner aboard, the film centers around a "cure" for mutation and the fate of Jean Grey.
Showing results 51 - 69 of 69
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