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Ant-Man 7/3/18 50.08%[13.02/26]        Comments
The MCU took a bit of a detour into somewhat lighter fare with 2015's Ant-Man.
Doctor Strange 8/17/17 52.63%[12.63/24]        Comments
Marvel adds yet another character to its cavalcade of stars as Benedict Cumberbatch tries his hand at superhero movies.
Guardians of the Galaxy 7/19/17 51.54%[12.37/24]        Comments
Marvel struck absolute gold with its most unlikely comic-to-film entrance. Replete with colorful characters, Guardians of the Galaxy took an obscure title and turned it into a new dynamic cornerstone of the MCU.
Captain America: Civil War Cast 5/10/16 61.06%[9.77/16]        Comments
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is THE model for building an interconnected film world. Maybe the secret to its success is that so many of its players have worked together on non-Marvel related films. Let's see how well you know these intersections for the cast of Captain America: Civil War.
Avengers: Age of Ultron, The: 12/1/15 78.57%[23.57/30]        Comments
Downey, Johansson, Ruffalo and Evans reassembled as Mavel tried to recapture the magic that made The Avengers a popular and critical blockbuster.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E17: Melinda 5/12/15 79.30%[15.86/20]        Comments
May's history is explored, revealing how she earned the name The Cavalry, Coulson's secret activities are brought to light, Skye has a reunion and Fitz makes contact with Coulson.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E16: Afterlife 5/6/15 83.60%[16.72/20]        Comments
Skye joins an Inhuman community, Coulson and Hunter try to avoid Gonzalez's forces, and Gonzalez makes an intriguing offer to May while Fitz ponders his future.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E15: One Door Closes 4/28/15 85.60%[17.12/20]        Comments
Doors open and close for everyone. Gonzalez makes his move, Skye is offered refuge, and Coulson's team is scattered.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E14: Love in the Time of Hydra 4/22/15 78.35%[15.67/20]        Comments
Things are in flux as Coulson deals with Skye and her powers, Ward and 33 make their presence known and the "real" S.H.I.E.L.D. rears its head.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E13: One of Us 4/14/15 75.05%[15.01/20]        Comments
It's a showdown! Mad Cal versus Son of Coul with the fate of Daisy in the balance!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E12: Who You Really Are 4/7/15 79.55%[15.91/20]        Comments
Asgard arrives on Midgard, but why? Skye is in danger from herself, her mysterious visitor and possibly her own team.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E11: Aftershocks 4/1/15 83.64%[20.91/25]        Comments
Aftershocks rattle S.H.I.E.L.D. and Cal schemes. Raina and Skye struggle with what they've become while Hydra falls.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E08: Valediction 3/18/15 82.04%[18.87/23]        Comments
Stark is back. Leviathan is on the attack. Time is of the essence. Will Carter and the SSR be able to save the day?
Big Hero 6, Part 2 3/12/15 78.26%[18.00/23]        Comments
Callaghan and Krei, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, Baymax and hairrrrry-baby. Prove you're a Big Hero 6 know-it-all with even more trivia questions.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E07: Snafu 3/11/15 81.55%[16.31/20]        Comments
Leviathan makes its move, Carter comes clean and Chief Dooley makes a fateful decision.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E06: A Sin to Err 3/4/15 82.80%[16.56/20]        Comments
Agent Carter is on the run from the SSR and Dottie the crazy assassin. Leviathan has a man inside the SSR.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E05: The Iron Ceiling 2/18/15 81.90%[16.38/20]        Comments
Old friends help out, secrets are shared, secrets are discovered, and Dottie gets creepier.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E04: The Blitzkrieg Button 2/4/15 85.00%[17.00/20]        Comments
Trust is violated, clues are found, and true natures are revealed.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E03: Time and Tide 1/28/15 82.65%[16.53/20]        Comments
Answers are found, secrets are revealed and the SSR team suffers a loss. Stay vigilant.
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E02: Bridge and Tunnel 1/20/15 91.05%[18.21/20]        Comments
Peggy has no home for the moment, but there's a plethora of nitromem. So, everything balances out (sorta)....Here's a quiz on Agent Carter's second episode!
Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E01: Pilot 1/20/15 79.35%[15.87/20]        Comments
In January 2015, Marvel yet again extended its pop culture influence by debuting a mini-series surrounding yet another figure from its deep, deep catalog.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E10: What They Become 12/18/14 84.77%[25.43/30]        Comments
It's the mid-season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It's action-packed. It's drama-laden. It's perfect for a trivia quiz. So, enjoy!
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E09: Ye Who Enter Here 12/16/14 77.00%[15.40/20]        Comments
It's a race to the temple for SHIELD and Hydra! The fate of many, many things hang in the balance.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E08: The Things We Bury 12/11/14 86.10%[17.22/20]        Comments
The Grant/Christian conflict finally comes to a head, while the team further investigates the alien entity.
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, S02E07: The Writing on the Wall 11/20/14 85.00%[17.00/20]        Comments
Tracking down a traitor, the questioning of a leader and the quest for an alien writing source...all on this exciting installment of Agents of SHIELD!
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