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Justified, Season 5 Recap 4/9/14 67.12%[16.78/25]        Comments
Wendy Crowe and Alison Brander complicate Raylan Givens' life, but that's nothing compared to the potential harm done to his relationship with his boss.
Justified, S03E13: Slaughterhouse 4/13/12 78.80%[7.88/10]        Comments
Limehouse proves to be a very disarming fellow and Arlo demonstrates how to be best the best and worst father ever.
Justified, S03E12: Coalition 4/13/12 60.50%[6.05/10]        Comments
You may know how to blow up a car, but how well do you know Justified, Coalition?
Justified, S03E11: Measures 4/2/12 79.60%[7.96/10]        Comments
Art and Raylan get to spend some quality time together, some sightseers from Detroit show up to get beaten up and/or shot and, hey, Tim and Rachel are still on the show!
Justified, S03E10: Guy Walks Into A Bar 3/24/12 70.70%[7.07/10]        Comments
We get a little glimpse of what caused Robert Quarles to become, well, Robert Quarles.
Justified, S03E09: Loose Ends 3/19/12 77.50%[7.75/10]        Comments
Ava gets to blow someone away with a shotgun again, Tanner Dodd fails to watch where he's walking and Boyd gets to make a speech.
Justified, S03E08: Watching The Detectives 3/8/12 74.70%[7.47/10]        Comments
Wynn Duffy does a little bit of painting, and Tim gets to do something for once.
Justified, S03E06: When The Guns Come Out 2/24/12 74.70%[7.47/10]        Comments
Raylan and Winona's marriage collapses, all-out war in Harlan draws ever closer and, hey, Stephen Root!
Justified, S03E05: Thick As Mud 2/18/12 78.30%[7.83/10]        Comments
Dewey Crowe gets to live out his own version of the movie Crank and Raylan gets some sleep at the worst possible moment
Justified, S03E04: The Devil You Know 2/13/12 72.00%[7.20/10]        Comments
Devil tries to make a power play against Boyd, and Loretta comes back for all of thirty seconds.
Justified, S03E03: Harlan Roulette 2/6/12 77.50%[7.75/10]        Comments
This week on Justified: Boyd manages to get rid of Mags' weed and starts his plan to take over Harlan
Justified, S03E02: Cut Ties 1/26/12 70.20%[7.02/10]        Comments
This week on Justified: and Arlo and Ava are, assumingly, off playing checkers somewhere. Also, Art gets to be a total badass.
Justified, S03E01: The Gunfighter 1/20/12 80.40%[8.04/10]        Comments
Having defeated the combined might of the Bennett clan at the end of Season Two, you'd be forgiven for assuming that things are about to get quieter in Harlan County.
Justified, S02E13: Bloody Harlan 5/6/11 79.70%[7.97/10]        Comments
Boyd and Mags have a little chat, Loretta sets out on a mission and Doyle proves that maybe he wasn't the smartest of the Bennett children after all.
Justified, S02E12: Reckoning 4/30/11 80.60%[8.06/10]        Comments
The storm clouds gather - and begin to break - in Reckoning, the penultimate episode of Justified's second season.
Justified, S02E11: Full Commitment 4/22/11 84.40%[8.44/10]        Comments
Tim and Raylan get to play a game of Midnight Run, Boyd and Arlo team up and Dickie gets a bit trigger-happy.
Justified, S02E10: Debts and Accounts 4/15/11 78.60%[7.86/10]        Comments
Mags decides to settle her accounts, Boyd gets back in to the family business and Raylan and Winona go for a nice, quiet, uneventful drive.
Justified, S02E09: Brother's Keeper 4/9/11 74.30%[7.43/10]        Comments
Everyone goes to a picnic, Boyd and Mags carry out a shrewd negotiation and Raylan, Loretta and Coover take a trip into the woods.
Justified, S02E08: The Spoil 4/1/11 86.80%[8.68/10]        Comments
Arlo's house (and leg) get a few extra holes in them and Ava finally gets to shoot something again.
Justified, S02E07: Save My Love 3/25/11 65.70%[6.57/10]        Comments
Boyd gets a new job and acclaimed character actor Stephen Root gets to walk around with no pants on.
Justified, S02E06: Blaze of Glory 3/18/11 68.40%[6.84/10]        Comments
Winona winds up doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Art gets to sit down and have a nice chat with an old acquaintance.
Justified, S02E05: Cottonmouth 3/10/11 85.69%[11.14/13]        Comments
Hurry up and leave that note on Ava's fridge, it's time to see how well you know Justified: Cottonmouth.
Justified, S02E04: For Blood or Money 3/4/11 66.60%[6.66/10]        Comments
You may wonder why you have the office where the deputies shoot people, but how well do you know Justified: For Blood or Money?
Justified, S02E03: The I Of The Storm 2/24/11 71.50%[7.15/10]        Comments
Dewey Crow reappears and decides to play dress-up and Boyd decides to have a little heart-to-heart-to-road with a new associate.
Justified, S02E02: The Life Inside 2/18/11 70.00%[7.00/10]        Comments
Raylan has to transport a pregnant prisoner to the doctor, which does not exactly go according to plan, Boyd gets drunk, and Winona gets to hear about Raylan's day.
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