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World War Z 10/16/13 71.73%[21.52/30]        Comments
Brad Pitt stars in this somewhat surprise blockbuster, capitalizing further on the recent hysteria about the undead.
Congo 9/24/13 80.25%[16.05/20]        Comments
Michael Crichton's jungle-set sci-fi book was a surprise hit back in 1995, bringing in more than $150 million at the box office.
Life of Pi 9/4/13 74.07%[22.22/30]        Comments
Ang Lee turned the once thought-to-be-unfilmable novel Life of Pi into an Oscar winning masterpiece. See how well you remember this remarkable movie.
Beautiful Creatures 8/13/13 77.10%[23.13/30]        Comments
In 2013, Richard LaGravenese wrote and directed by cinematic version of the popular Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl novel Beautiful Creatures. There was much rejoicing.
Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 5 and 6 4/11/13 81.03%[24.31/30]        Comments
Here's our final quiz on the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, covering the white-knuckle excitement of episodes 5 and 6.
Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 3 and 4 4/4/13 77.53%[23.26/30]        Comments
Here's the middle quiz in our series of HowWellDoYouKnow's on BBC's Pride and Prejudice.
Pride and Prejudice - Episodes 1 and 2 3/28/13 83.30%[24.99/30]        Comments
Answering the hopes of possibly dozens of people, here comes the first installment on our quizzes on BBC's 1995 Pride and Prejudice.
Runaway Jury 11/7/12 72.50%[14.50/20]        Comments
John Cusack and Gene Hackman are at their best in the 2003 book-to-film adaptation of Grisham's Runaway Jury. Test your knowledge of this cinematic courtroom thriller.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 10/31/12 66.84%[16.71/25]        Comments
Abraham Lincoln - emancipator, supreme stateman....vampire hunter? Sure, why not? An entertaining alternative history satire was made into a 2012 action-horror film.
Mist, The: 9/26/12 72.32%[18.08/25]        Comments
Frank Darabont brings Steven King's story of paranoia, the supernatural, and very odd weather to the big screen. As with The Shawshank Redemption, the results are quite surprising.
Green Mile, The: 9/5/12 66.57%[19.97/30]        Comments
It was a perfect storm of being in the middle of Tom Hanks’ box office hot streak, an incredible, star-making turn by Michael Clarke Duncan and the story of death row guards learning humanity and witnessing miracles at the hands of a wrongly convicted man.
Help, The: 7/11/12 77.04%[19.26/25]        Comments
This book-to-film project was an unexpected box office hit and garnered several Oscar nods. You may be kind, smart and important, but how well do you know The Help?
Jackie Brown 6/28/12 76.92%[19.23/25]        Comments
Pam Grier brings her Foxy Brown persona back, this time as Jackie Brown.
Adjustment Bureau (Version 2), The: 5/15/12 80.80%[20.20/25]        Comments
The Adjustment Bureau is a clever science fiction love story about two people whom fate attempts to keep apart.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 4/12/12 74.28%[18.57/25]        Comments
This is an uplifting tale of a quirky idealist's attempts to save his town. The we love it. How well do you know it?
Talented Mr. Ripley, The: 4/10/12 68.37%[20.51/30]        Comments
Gifted. Intelligent. Beautiful. Tender. Sensitive. Haunted. Passionate.
Hunger Games Cast Trivia, The: 3/20/12 61.23%[13.47/22]        Comments
Sitcom stars, superhero villains and Oscar nominees make up its ensemble. You may their names and faces...
Outsiders, The: 3/1/12 83.32%[20.83/25]        Comments
Two rival gangs from different sides of the track clash with deadly consequences. You may never have enough street cred to be a true Greaser...
Wizard of Oz, The: 2/21/12 69.31%[18.02/26]        Comments
You may know that only bad witches are ugly and that there truly is no place like home, but how well do you know The Wizard of Oz?
Hunger Games, The: 2/9/12 84.80%[25.44/30]        Comments
Let Cinna dress you and make sense of whatever it is Haymitch is telling you...let's see how well you know The Hunger Games.
Charlotte's Web (2006) 2/5/12 49.64%[12.41/25]        Comments
You may know the difference between a spring pig and a springy pig but how well do you know Charlotte's Web (2006)?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II 1/31/12 72.43%[21.73/30]        Comments
Ten years and billions of dollars later, the Harry Potter saga dramatically concludes with the Battle of Hogwarts between the Boy Who Lived and He Who Shall Not be Named.
Pet Sematary 10/29/11 69.24%[17.31/25]        Comments
The Creed family moves into what their dream house, only to discover that evil lurks in the ground near by. What you own always comes back to you in Pet Sematary.
I Am Legend 10/20/11 74.96%[20.24/27]        Comments
An adaptation of Richard Matheson's fantastic novella, I Am Legend follows one of the few survivors of a worldwide epidemic.
Clear and Present Danger 9/22/11 77.83%[23.35/30]        Comments
Harrison Ford reprises his role of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, a rather scathing indictment of the Reagan-era War on Drugs.
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