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Parks and Recreation, Season 7 2/25/15 74.20%[18.55/25]        Comments
Parks and Rec set its final season in the not-too-distant future and gave one final loving look at the greatest American fictional small town of contemporary times.
Parks and Recreation, Season 6 Recap 1/8/15 75.07%[22.52/30]        Comments
Characters exit, a new job is carefully considered, Andy visits England and Leslie and Ann are in a family way. See how well you fare on this trivia quiz on Parks and Rec's sixth season.
Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Recap Part 2 5/3/13 82.78%[22.35/27]        Comments
The second half of Parks and Rec's fifth season find Leslie Knope and the gang up to their usual well-intended, hilarious shenanigans.
Parks and Recreation, Season 5 Recap Part 1 12/7/12 85.24%[21.31/25]        Comments
Halloween Surprise. Pawnee Commons. Ms. Knope Goes to Washington. Leslie vs. April. These are just some of the episodes we'll quiz you on as we recap the first half of Parks and Recreation, Season 5.
Parks and Recreation, S04E22: Win, Lose or Draw 5/11/12 77.33%[11.60/15]        Comments
In the season finale of Parks and Recreation, election day finally arrives.
Parks and Recreation, S04E21: Bus Tour 5/10/12 80.13%[12.02/15]        Comments
Look out for Sewage Joe who is about to attack - how well do you know Parks and Rec: Bus Tour?
Parks and Recreation, S04E20: The Debate 5/6/12 74.33%[8.92/12]        Comments
In The Debate, there is, as Perd Hapley would eventually tell you, a debate.
Parks and Recreation, S04E19: Live Ammo 4/24/12 79.00%[11.85/15]        Comments
So say goodbye, Pebble...Leslie Knope is gonna kill you! How well do you know Parks and Rec: Live Ammo?
Parks and Recreation, S04E17: Campaign Shake-Up 3/8/12 86.87%[13.03/15]        Comments
How well do you know Parks and Recreation: Campaign Shake-Up?
Parks and Recreation, S04E16: Sweet Sixteen 2/24/12 84.47%[12.67/15]        Comments
Leslie's involvement in the campaign means things are falling through the cracks. Jerry's birthday is one of those things.
Parks and Recreation, S04E15: Dave Returns 2/23/12 80.60%[12.09/15]        Comments
You may know when Tom and Ann spoon, who spoons who, but how well do you know Parks and Recreation: Dave Returns?
Parks and Recreation, S04E14: Operation Ann 2/7/12 80.07%[12.01/15]        Comments
Leslie, worrying that Ann is alone, launches a massive fix-Ann-up campaign. Meanwhile, Leslie sends Ben on a complicated scavenger hunt.
Parks and Recreation, S04E12: Campaign Ad 1/26/12 85.47%[12.82/15]        Comments
Practice saying "Bobby Newport" in a menacing voice and see how well do know Parks and Recreation: Campaign Ad.
Parks and Recreation, S04E11: The Comeback Kid 1/18/12 85.27%[12.79/15]        Comments
Relaunching her campaign, Leslie attempts to stage a rally. Through the combined efforts of her staff, things go.....not well.
Parks and Recreation, S04E10: Citizen Knope 12/9/11 79.27%[11.89/15]        Comments
Leslie tries to keep busy while on suspension, and finds out bad news about her campaign. Meanwhile, the staff attempts to construct the perfect present for her.
Parks and Recreation, S04E09: The Trial of Leslie Knope 12/2/11 84.93%[12.74/15]        Comments
Following disclosure of their relationship, Chris orders an ethics investigation of Ben and Leslie. You can't tell, but Chris takes it really hard.
Parks and Recreation, S04E08: Smallest Park 11/18/11 84.60%[12.69/15]        Comments
You may be looking forward to your Women's Lasers homework, but how well do you know Parks and Recreation: Smallest Park?
Parks and Recreation, S04E07: The Treaty 11/11/11 87.27%[13.09/15]        Comments
Finish commiserating with April in the school hallway and let's see how well you know Parks and Recreation: The Treaty.
Parks and Recreation, S04E06: End of the World 11/9/11 89.93%[13.49/15]        Comments
Peddling wares, preventing an assassination, throwing the greatest party ever and a really long road trip...
Parks and Recreation, S04E05: Meet 'n' Greet 11/3/11 79.31%[10.31/13]        Comments
Shock Wire may have a special place in your heart, but how well do you know Parks and Recreation: Meet 'n' Greet?
Parks and Recreation, S04E04: Pawnee Rangers 10/18/11 83.75%[10.05/12]        Comments
In Pawnee Rangers, Ron and Leslie head rival outdoor groups. Meanwhile, Donna and Tom try to get a troubled Ben to relax.
Parks and Recreation, S04E03: Born and Raised 10/7/11 82.07%[12.31/15]        Comments
Leslie must confront rumors that she was not born in Pawnee. Fact-checking, state-wide travel and embarrassing interviews ensue.
Parks and Recreation, S04E02: Ron and Tammys 10/2/11 83.00%[12.45/15]        Comments
Ben descends into the very madness that is the financial situation of Entertainment 720.
Parks and Recreation, S04E01: I'm Leslie Knope 9/23/11 78.47%[11.77/15]        Comments
Jerry might be making you look at dirty pictures on his computer, but how well do you know Parks and Recreation: I'm Leslie Knope?
Parks and Recreation, S03E16; Li'l Sebastian 5/22/11 82.40%[12.36/15]        Comments
Parks and Rec's third season finale deals with one of the most beloved equines ever to grace the Hoosier state.
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