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Avengers (Hard Version), The: 11/21/12 71.16%[17.79/25]        Comments
So you think you know The Avengers? Really? Here's a much tougher quiz to test your knowledge of the adventures of Tony, Bruce, Steve, Natasha, and, of course, Erik Selvig.
Avengers (Easy Version), The: 11/15/12 80.44%[20.11/25]        Comments
Delve into the cinematic adventures of Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and their brothers-in-arms. We've kept stuff fairly easy for this quiz, so you should have no problem proving your Avengers acumen.
Men in Black 5/24/12 78.28%[19.57/25]        Comments
The pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made for a well-loved blockbuster that would spawn sequels,...
Path to The Avengers, The: 5/1/12 81.84%[20.46/25]        Comments
Let's take this opportunity to determine How well do you know The Path to The Avengers.
You've Got Mail 2/14/12 89.32%[22.33/25]        Comments
Made at the relative dawn of the internet age, You've Got Mail is one of the more popular rom-coms to come out of the 90s.
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 2/8/12 73.40%[18.35/25]        Comments
Trade federations, pod races, a truly bad-ass Sith and one of the more irritating screen characters ever created made for ferocious debate.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II 1/31/12 72.40%[21.72/30]        Comments
Ten years and billions of dollars later, the Harry Potter saga dramatically concludes with the Battle of Hogwarts between the Boy Who Lived and He Who Shall Not be Named.
Cars 2 12/13/11 70.87%[21.26/30]        Comments
Lightning challenges a speedy rival in a multi-country race, while Mater is swept up in international espionage.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 12/7/11 75.47%[22.64/30]        Comments
This time, Jack must square off against Blackbeard (the pirate all other pirates fear), resist a former lady love, side with an old foe and find the legendary Fountain of Youth.
Fast Five 12/4/11 77.87%[23.36/30]        Comments
Dom, Brian and Mia are on the run, but that doesn't mean they don't have time to take down a local crime boss. They'll have to get the old gang back together.
Captain America, Part 2 12/3/11 69.16%[17.29/25]        Comments
Transformed from a 98-pound weakling into the ultimate freedom fighter, Captain America must save the world from a horrific WWII scourge.
Captain America, Part 1 12/1/11 74.32%[20.81/28]        Comments
Chris Evans fills the boots of Captain America. You may have thought he'd be taller, but how well do you know Captain America?
Happy Feet 11/16/11 74.04%[18.51/25]        Comments
You may know that "triumph" starts with a "try" and ends with an "umph", but how well do you know Happy Feet?
Harry Potter Movie Screenshots II 11/12/11 82.60%[16.52/20]        Comments
With the cinematic Harry Potter saga officially over, it's time again to test how well know the past ten years Daniel Radcliffe's life by looking at a single screenshot.
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi 11/9/11 72.32%[18.08/25]        Comments
Use the Force to get through this quiz and you will celebrating like an Ewok. How well do you know Return of the Jedi?
Footloose 10/13/11 76.32%[19.08/25]        Comments
Ren moves from (question 25) to small town (question 1) where he finds that (question 5) has been banned.
Footloose 10/11/11 79.36%[19.84/25]        Comments
Footloose launched the career of Kevin Bacon, who has spent the past two decades trying (unsuccessfully) to get the world to forget about it.
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 10/4/11 68.28%[17.07/25]        Comments
Largely considered to be the crown jewel of the series, the film introduces new landscapes, explores old relationships and reveals unwelcome truths.
Clear and Present Danger 9/22/11 77.83%[23.35/30]        Comments
Harrison Ford reprises his role of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, a rather scathing indictment of the Reagan-era War on Drugs.
Patriot Games 9/14/11 76.47%[22.94/30]        Comments
When Jack Ryan stops a terrorist plot, he makes his family the target of a vengeful radical.
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 8/24/11 74.03%[22.21/30]        Comments
What is there to say about Star Wars, one of the most famous Sci-Fi movies ever. George Lucas brought the movie to filmgoers in 1977 and it became a worldwide sensation...
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 8/9/11 74.84%[18.71/25]        Comments
You may know to ask the name of somebody before you run them through, but how well do you know: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves?
Twister 8/2/11 78.72%[19.68/25]        Comments
Are you ready for the ride of your life, with one of Mother Nature's most violent and deadly forces?
Harry Potter Movie Screenshots 7/12/11 73.35%[14.67/20]        Comments
You likely contributed to the $6 billion that these films took in worldwide, but how well do you know the Harry Potter film franchise by looking a single picture. Let's find out.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 7/7/11 83.96%[20.99/25]        Comments
With the final battle with Voldemort looming, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are on the hunt for the last Horcruxes containing what’s left of the evil one’s soul.
Showing results 26 - 50 of 144
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