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Big Brother, Season 12 Recap 9/16/10 78.63%[23.59/30]        Comments
What was once believed to be a so-so season of Big Brother turned around about midway through. Drama set in. People made the game personal.
Top Chef D.C. Recap 9/16/10 70.67%[21.20/30]        Comments
While it took a while for this season to emerge from the shadow of its predecessor, the competition grew increasingly intriguing as the finale approached.
Covert Affairs, Season 1 Recap 9/15/10 74.84%[18.71/25]        Comments
A mysterious incident from her past propels young CIA trainee Annie Walker headlong into some serious spying in the freshman season of Covert Affairs.
True Blood: Season 3 Recap 9/15/10 83.55%[16.71/20]        Comments
Werewolves entered the mix in season three of True Blood. As did a pregnant belly for Arlene and love interest for Lafayette.
Closer, Season 6 Recap, The: 9/14/10 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
Sanchez adopted a boy (sort of), Flynn and Provenza dated stewardesses (sort of), and Brenda had aspirations to become Chief of Police (sort of).
Psych: Season 5 Part 1 9/9/10 66.76%[16.69/25]        Comments
We kicked off another season of Psych, the reliably silly but always entertaining adventures of fake psychic detective Shawn and his partner/best friend Gus.
Leverage, Season 3 Recap 9/6/10 80.31%[20.88/26]        Comments
Season 3 of Leverage saw Sophie back in the fold, and Nate Ford's team of avenging do-gooders was firing on all cylinders.
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