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2008 Academy Awards, The: 2/25/08 71.90%[21.57/30]        Comments
The evening featured the inspired (bringing Marketa Irglova back for her speech) and the insipid (Cameron Diaz ditzily stumbling over "cinematography").
2009 Academy Awards, The: 2/23/09 66.96%[16.74/25]        Comments
The 2009 Academy Awards will be remembered for its musical bent, for its new approach to awards presentation, and for the Slumdog romp.
2010 Academy Awards, The: 3/8/10 67.83%[20.35/30]        Comments
You may have briefly understood the difference between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing...
2011 Oscar Nominees 2/24/11 57.32%[14.33/25]        Comments
You've considered pedigrees, entered multiple office Oscar pools and cursed the Academy for not appreciating Christopher Nolan more.
2011 Oscars, The: 2/28/11 66.90%[20.07/30]        Comments
What was projected to be the young, hip Oscars turned out to be rather stodgy and predictable.
2012 Oscar Nominees 2/1/12 60.72%[15.18/25]        Comments
You may know your Peppy Miller from your Minny Jackson, but how well do you know the 2012 Oscar Nominees?
2012 Oscars, The: 2/27/12 74.10%[22.23/30]        Comments
From red carpet follies to Experiments in Human Taxidermy featuring Nick Nolte, how well do you know the 2012 Academy Awards?
2013 Oscar Nominees, The: 2/19/13 75.12%[18.78/25]        Comments
From lead actors to original screenplays, from sound mixing to sound editing, it's time to test your knowledge of the the nominees up for this year's Academy Awards.
2013 Oscars, The: 2/25/13 77.20%[19.30/25]        Comments
Argo, Affleck, Brave and Bond made the biggest impressions on us from the most recent Academy Awards. Test your knowledge of the 2013 Oscars.
2014 Oscars, The: 3/4/14 61.44%[15.36/25]        Comments
Gravity was the big winner, and we got hints of a rivalry among the 12 Years a Slave team. Kim Novak? Yikes. Bette Midler? Um, okaaaaay......Let's see how well you remember the evening's festivities.
2015 Oscar Nominees, The: 2/19/15 69.60%[17.40/25]        Comments
Time to test your knowledge of the films, performances and achievements up for Oscar in the 2015 Academy Awards.
2015 Oscars, The: 2/24/15 69.48%[17.37/25]        Comments
See how well you remember the winners, presenters, musical numbers and other shenanigans that punctuated the 87 Academcy Awards.
2016 Oscars, The: 3/1/16 70.03%[21.01/30]        Comments
Social and political messages came to the fore at the 2016 Academy Awards, which saw notable wins for The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight.
Academy Awards 2/20/07 64.96%[16.24/25]        Comments
Do you have Oscar Fever! Me too! Unless it has something to do with that tick that bit me last week.....no, I'm pretty sure it's Oscar Fever!
Academy Awards II 2/20/08 62.80%[15.70/25]        Comments
With Hollywood's biggest night just around the corner, we thought you'd like to once again test your mettle on Oscars trivia, past and present.
Academy Awards III 2/18/09 62.83%[18.85/30]        Comments
From nominees to winners, from foreign language films to animated features, from record holders to Oscar trends, everything is fair game in this quiz.
Academy Awards IV 3/4/10 51.36%[12.84/25]        Comments
Our readers usually score well on these quizzes, so this year's batch is definitely the most challenging one we've put together.
Academy Awards V 2/22/11 58.65%[11.73/20]        Comments
If history has taught us anything, it's that the HWDYK audience loves to be assailed with Oscar trivia in the week before the Academy Awards.
Alien 10/3/07 70.60%[14.12/20]        Comments
It's hard to believe it's been nearly thirty years since Alien burst through chests and onto the scene, spawning countless nightmares, sequels, and ripoffs.
Aliens 5/3/05 65.65%[13.13/20]        Comments
Before he wussed out with Titanic, James Cameron made Aliens, which along with his Terminator movies set the benchmark for sci-fi/action films.
Almost Famous 7/29/09 72.48%[18.12/25]        Comments
It was in the fall of 2000 that Cameron Crowe platformed the release of his near autobiographical account of growing up a music journalist in the mid-seventies.
American Beauty 11/18/08 68.88%[17.22/25]        Comments
Long before Alan Ball brought us True Blood and amazed audiences with his ambitious Six Feet Under, the screenwriter took Hollywood by storm in penning 1999's American Beauty.
American in Paris, An 1/10/17 41.67%[10.00/24]        Comments
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron positively burst through the screen in the early 50s musical An American in Paris.
Apocalypse Now Redux 4/27/10 78.67%[23.60/30]        Comments
In what is still the definitive film about the Vietnam War, Colonel Kurtz has gone poo-flinging bugnuts crazy and it’s up to skinny Captain Willard to eliminate the problem.
Apollo 13 11/9/06 60.65%[12.13/20]        Comments
The dramatic retelling of the Apollo 13 space mission is one of the finest movies of the 1990s.
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