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Twilight Franchise Screenshots 11/15/11 82.92%[20.73/25]        Comments
We'll display a screenshot from one of the films and ask you to identify the source of the shot. How well do you know Twilight Franchise Screenshots?
Twilight Saga: New Moon (Harder Version), The: 4/3/10 75.71%[15.90/21]        Comments
Following Twilight's surprise $69.6 million opening weekend bow, New Moon was expected to be huge. But $142.8 million? Whoa.
Twilight Saga: New Moon (Easier Version), The: 3/30/10 85.64%[21.41/25]        Comments
In the movie, the Cullens disappear from Forks after an accident at the house, and Bella is left to cry on Jacob's shoulder.
Taylor Lautner Trivia 12/31/09 55.25%[11.05/20]        Comments
As the decade comes to a close, Taylor Lautner seems poised to become Hollywood's Next Big Thing.
Twilight Cast Members Trivia 11/12/09 59.80%[14.95/25]        Comments
Twilight proved it was more than a mere phenomenon in the book publishing industry when its same-named adaptation opened to nearly $70 million in 2008.
Twilight (Twi-Harder Version) 4/12/09 73.32%[18.33/25]        Comments
Whereas the earlier version of the quiz dealt solely with the more straight-forward points of the film, this version explores comparisons between book and movie, other appearances by the cast, and some in-depth points of the movie.
Twilight (Easier Version) 4/7/09 91.32%[22.83/25]        Comments
Millions of Twilight fell all over themselves to watch Bella and Edward come to life (so to speak) in theaters.
Showing results 1 - 7 of 7

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