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Project Runway, Season 7 4/23/10 80.47%[24.14/30]        Comments
The seventh season of Project Runway welcomed another group of egotistical fashion designers...and then threw everything from soup to nuts at them.
Scrubs: Season Nine 3/23/10 75.00%[18.75/25]        Comments
Set one year after the events of season 8, season 9 focused on students at a fictional med school -- instead of interns at a hospital.
Supernatural, Season 5 5/14/10 84.84%[21.21/25]        Comments
Season 5 of Supernatural is a busy time for the Winchesters. In Season 4, Sam accidentally opened the last seal, making way for the Apocalypse to happen.
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 5/17/10 72.40%[21.72/30]        Comments
Fan favorites and ruthless strategists were brought back for another shot at a Survivor title, and some great television was the result.
Survivor: Samoa 12/21/09 78.90%[23.67/30]        Comments
The past season featured one of the more memorable players in the game's history, and resulted in plenty of hard feelings.
Top Chef Las Vegas 12/10/09 73.73%[22.12/30]        Comments
If High Stakes Quickfires, sibling rivalry, breakfast in bed and Restaurant Wars are your thing, then Top Chef Las Vegas gave you exactly what you were looking for.
V, Season 1 7/2/10 84.58%[10.15/12]        Comments
In 2009, the ABC network reached back in the Wayback Machine and produced an updated version of it's 1980s series V.
Showing results 26 - 32 of 32
Previous Results

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