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Scrubs: Season Nine 3/23/10 75.00%[18.75/25]        Comments
Set one year after the events of season 8, season 9 focused on students at a fictional med school -- instead of interns at a hospital.
Survivor: Samoa 12/21/09 78.90%[23.67/30]        Comments
The past season featured one of the more memorable players in the game's history, and resulted in plenty of hard feelings.
Community: Season One, Part 1 12/17/09 81.44%[20.36/25]        Comments
Community and 30 Rock don't have much in common, save for one significant thing: Both NBC comedies premiered with a promising, albeit weak pilot but over the course of its first season grew into something really special.
Office: Season Six, Part I, The: 12/15/09 79.60%[19.90/25]        Comments
Season six of the acclaimed NBC Thursday night comedy has put new leadership in charge of the Scranton Branch, as well as a threat of bankruptcy for all of Dunder Mifflin.
Parks and Recreation: Season Two, Part 1 12/14/09 80.28%[20.07/25]        Comments
The Bulge. Jurassic Forks. Soulja Boy Tell 'Ems. The whiz palace. It's Parks and Rec, season 2.
Top Chef Las Vegas 12/10/09 73.73%[22.12/30]        Comments
If High Stakes Quickfires, sibling rivalry, breakfast in bed and Restaurant Wars are your thing, then Top Chef Las Vegas gave you exactly what you were looking for.
Amazing Race 15, The: 12/7/09 78.80%[23.64/30]        Comments
Snowmen in the desert, a tiny mandolin and Mr. Las Vegas: these ingredients plus more made for yet another entertaining edition of The Amazing Race
Showing results 26 - 32 of 32
Previous Results

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