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Advertising Spokespeople 5/8/12 65.88%[10.54/16]        Comments
Try your hand at matching up these spokespeople with the products they are selling.
Cast of The Avengers Trivia, The: 4/26/12 50.35%[10.07/20]        Comments
The superhero ensemble film is not the first time many of the actors have crossed cinematic paths in or outside of the Marvel universe.
Hunger Games Cast Trivia, The: 3/20/12 61.18%[13.46/22]        Comments
Sitcom stars, superhero villains and Oscar nominees make up its ensemble. You may their names and faces...
Celebrity Eyes 3 3/7/12 71.85%[14.37/20]        Comments
Most celebrities have distinctive faces, but can you ID the star just by their eyes?
Spelling Bee 5: Celebrities 1/25/12 60.20%[12.04/20]        Comments
For every Will Smith, there's a M. Night Shyamalan. How well do can you navigate the spelling of some of the more challenging celebrity names?
2011: The Year in Charlie Sheen 1/7/12 48.67%[7.30/15]        Comments
Sheen went from the highest paid TV actor to media spectacle to touring maven and back to employed TV star in a matter of less than a year.
2011: The Year in Lady Gaga 1/1/12 49.48%[13.36/27]        Comments
Lady Gaga's transcendent career continued to blaze throughout 2011. Tthe world was indeed her stage.
2011: Celebrities In Memoriam 12/31/11 59.45%[11.89/20]        Comments
This year we said goodbye to entertainment's finest. How well do you know the celebrities who passed away in 2011?
2011: The Year in Pop Culture, Part II 12/30/11 49.08%[12.27/25]        Comments
You may know your business school supermodel from your canceled Wonder Woman, but how well do you know 2011: The Year in Pop Culture
2011: The Year in Kate Upton 12/28/11 53.93%[8.09/15]        Comments
Few supermodels have become an instant celebrity or created as widespread sensation as this blond bombshell did in 2011.
2011: The Year in Pop Culture, Part I 12/27/11 50.28%[12.57/25]        Comments
A royal wedding and unintended nudity. A murder trial and a groundbreaking children's book.
Robert Downey, Jr. Movie Roles 12/15/11 62.13%[9.32/15]        Comments
Starting out as a supporting comedic player, he then made Oscar-nominated splash as a screen legend.
Leonardo DiCaprio Movie Roles 11/8/11 77.10%[15.42/20]        Comments
He's the actor behind such quirky performances as [blank] in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and grittier turns as [blank] in The Departed.
Spelling Bee 4: Celebrities 10/6/11 68.15%[13.63/20]        Comments
You see their names all the time - on theater marquees, in magazines, at the beginning of that illegally downloaded movie you're watching right now.
George Clooney Movie Roles 10/5/11 55.10%[11.02/20]        Comments
How well do you know the various movie roles of George Clooney? (You may be surprised.)
Brad Pitt Movie Roles 9/20/11 63.45%[12.69/20]        Comments
Brad Pitt hit the big time when he charmed Geena Davis' Thelma in 1991's Thelma and Louise. Twenty years and over thirty films later, Pitt is an A-List mainstay with a pair of Oscar nominations.
Matt Damon Movie Roles 9/8/11 70.05%[14.01/20]        Comments
Whether it's making a supporting role memorable (in Courage Under Fire and the Ocean's films) or embodying a title character (see Jason Bourne or Tom Ripley), Damon is worth watching virtually every time.
Harrison Ford Movie Roles 7/26/11 66.10%[13.22/20]        Comments
It's time to test how well you know more than just the famous names of his archeologist and a rogue pilot.
Spelling Bee 3: Celebrities 7/14/11 69.55%[13.91/20]        Comments
Test your spelling of some tricky celebrity names....and no, we're not talking about Will Smith.
Julia Roberts Movie Roles 6/29/11 70.10%[14.02/20]        Comments
Over the last 20 plus years, you definitely know her name and have seen many, if not all, of her films.
Celebrity Smiles 2 6/15/11 73.70%[14.74/20]        Comments
Celebrities. Test your knowledge of their most recognizable features. No, not those.
Kevin Bacon Movie Roles 6/2/11 58.39%[10.51/18]        Comments
For a guy with a fairly unique last name, Kevin Bacon’s film roles have tended to lean more to the mundane end of the spectrum.
Johnny Depp Movie Roles 5/18/11 76.25%[15.25/20]        Comments
It's time to see if you know many Johnny Depp roles (awesome or awful) by name alone.
Jennifer Aniston Movie Roles 5/4/11 65.60%[13.12/20]        Comments
She's one of the more visible of the A-List female movie stars, yet Jennifer Aniston has compiled a resume that can best be described as curious.
Fast and Furious Cast Trivia 4/27/11 63.68%[15.92/25]        Comments
The Fast and Furious films solidified its cast as celebrities...but how much do you know about them?
Showing results 26 - 50 of 78
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