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Muppet Christmas Carol, The: 12/19/09 70.04%[17.51/25]        Comments
The first Muppet movie to be produced after the death of creator Jim Henson, this version of the beloved Charles Dickens novel allows the Muppets to put their own spin on this classic tale.
Year Without a Santa Claus, The: 12/23/08 74.16%[18.54/25]        Comments
Sure, they're best known for Rudolph, but in 1974 their quirky stop-motion animated The Year Without a Santa Claus aired for the first time.
Christmas Vacation 12/18/08 74.28%[18.57/25]        Comments
Like It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Story and countless others before it, Christmas Vacation is one of those must-see movies around the famed December holiday.
Office, Season 3 Episode 10: A Benihana Christmas, The: 12/17/08 78.25%[15.65/20]        Comments
In it you'll find a dead goose, a trip to Benihana and a pissed off Angela (but what else is new?)
Love Actually 12/16/08 78.84%[19.71/25]        Comments
It's a funny, sweet look at all the various types of love out there and it stars more famous British actors than a couple of Harry Potter flicks.
Office, Season 2 Episode 10: Christmas Party, The: 9/18/08 83.50%[8.35/10]        Comments
White Elephant, Yankee Swap, whatever you want to call it, Michael ruins it.
Frosty the Snowman 12/23/07 63.53%[9.53/15]        Comments
Pantomiming rabbits, evil magicians and the magic of Christmas snow all figure into this seasonal classic. Everyone loves Frosty, see how well you know it.
How the Grinch Stole Christmas 12/23/07 68.93%[10.34/15]        Comments
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas has endured as the definitive holiday broadcast.
Scrooged 12/19/07 67.64%[16.91/25]        Comments
Released a year after Wall St., Scrooged showed the lighter downside of 80s corporate "greed is good" culture.
Elf 12/5/06 73.27%[21.98/30]        Comments
Christmas's even better with a little bit of syrup. Test your knowledge of the Will Ferrell classic Elf.
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 10/17/06 85.08%[21.27/25]        Comments
Vampires, a werewolf, trick or treaters, a boogie man, a stitched up rag doll and a Pumpkin King. These are the denizens of Halloween Town in Tim Burton's beloved holiday tale.
Die Hard 8/16/06 73.20%[18.30/25]        Comments
Before 1988, not much happened. Die Hard came along, and Bruce Willis was unleashed upon us. Life has not been quite the same since.
Charlie Brown Christmas, A 12/21/05 65.07%[9.76/15]        Comments
The late Charles Schultz classic A Charlie Brown Christmas remains holiday season appointment viewing.
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer 12/21/05 66.80%[10.02/15]        Comments
The ultimate tale of an ugly duckling coming through, it taught a gentle lesson of diversity before it was hip to do so.
It's A Wonderful Life 12/15/05 87.56%[21.89/25]        Comments
The tale of a decent guy who seems to give far more than he ever gets has been oft imitated but never equaled.
Christmas Story, A 12/8/05 75.32%[16.57/22]        Comments
One of the more peculiar of the holiday classics, Bob Clark's A Christmas Story has somehow managed to endear itself to a generation of movie watchers.
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