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Beauty and the Beast (2017) 5/2/17 72.68%[18.17/25]        Comments
The live action version of Disney's 25+ year old animated classic introduces a new generation to Belle, Beast and the enchanted castle.
Jungle Book (2016), The: 11/23/16 61.12%[15.28/25]        Comments
Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa and King Louie return to the screen, voiced by familiar actors and actresses, in the 2016 update to Disney's The Jungle Book.
Cinderella (2015) 11/18/15 84.41%[18.57/22]        Comments
You know the story. Here's the Disney live-action adaptation.
Arthur 7/17/12 79.65%[15.93/20]        Comments
Man-child Arthur Bach is a fun-loving, irresponsible playboy with problems with alcohol and authority. With his limitless trust fund and his nanny Hobson by his side, he is able to get out of any sticky situation.
Mechanic, The: 6/26/11 69.72%[17.43/25]        Comments
Feeling obliged to take the son of his dead mentor under his wing, Arthur Bishop tries to train the problematic youngster in the ways of an assassin.
Nutty Professor, The: 5/24/11 67.16%[16.79/25]        Comments
Sherman Klump is a big man with an even bigger heart, but his one wish is to be thin. Sherman invents a potion and turns into the obnoxious but thin Buddy Love.
Italian Job, The: 4/28/11 78.84%[19.71/25]        Comments
The Italian Job follows a crew of thieves as they try to reclaim a boatload of gold they rightfully stole.
Cape Fear 3/3/11 55.44%[13.86/25]        Comments
Robert De Niro is icily effective as an ex-con out for revenge against a the family of a lawyer who did him wrong.
Crazies (2010), The: 10/21/10 67.50%[13.50/20]        Comments
Part horror, part action-thriller, The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant as a cop who suspects something's fishy in his small Iowan town.
Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), A 10/17/10 79.30%[15.86/20]        Comments
Producer Michael Bay released a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes Craven's classic tale about a supernatural villain who attacks his victims in their sleep.
Sorority Row 7/10/10 76.36%[16.80/22]        Comments
Though some consider Sorority Row an I Know What You Did Last Summer knockoff, it's actually a remake of a similarly titled '80s slasher pic.
Last House on the Left (2009), The: 5/15/10 71.68%[17.92/25]        Comments
The Last House on the Left, a remake of an earlier film from horror icon Wes Craven, is artistically superior than the other remakes of the past few years.
Friday the 13th (2009) 5/2/10 76.39%[17.57/23]        Comments
Friday the 13th had a makeover of its own two years later in a movie that reimagines the franchise's first four chapters.
Halloween II (2009) 4/20/10 75.16%[18.79/25]        Comments
Rob Zombie's sequel to his 2007 Halloween reboot is gruesome. Michael has upped his game since the last time we saw him.
My Bloody Valentine (2009) 4/11/10 70.96%[17.74/25]        Comments
It's a remake of the same-named Canadian classic that enjoyed a fantastic $21.2 million opening weekend thanks in large part for being presented in 3-D.
Halloween (2007) 10/31/09 80.85%[16.17/20]        Comments
Rob Zombie breathed new life in the Halloween franchise by reverting the series back for an origins story in 2007.
Ring, The: 10/28/09 74.15%[14.83/20]        Comments
The Ring introduced us to an entirely new villain: a killer young girl. It may sound gimmicky, but the reveal totally worked.
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