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Office, S06E13: Secret Santa, The: 11/26/14 83.80%[12.57/15]        Comments
The Office continues its tradition of Christmas-related episodes with this gem from the sixth season.
Office, S04E07: Survivor Man, The: 11/19/14 80.58%[9.67/12]        Comments
Jim's managerial efforts amount to folly. People want individual birthday parties, dammit! Meanwhile, Dwight oversees Michael's wilderness excursion lest some harm befall him.
Office, S04E06: Branch Wars, The: 11/13/14 84.08%[10.09/12]        Comments
Suit up, it's time for a raid against a rival branch. Say, this whole thing wouldn't be an employee's trick to get more money, would it?
Office, S04E05: Local Ad, The: 11/6/14 83.08%[9.97/12]        Comments
Michael tries to produce his own television ad for the branch. Shockingly, it turns out...kind of great.
Office, S04E04: Money, The: 10/30/14 69.70%[13.94/20]        Comments
Jim and Pam visit Dwight's agri-tourism concern, while Ryan tries to get Michael to use Powerpoint.
Office, S04E03: Launch Party, The: 8/21/14 77.55%[15.51/20]        Comments
This Season 4 episode of The Office has Dwight trying to outsell Dunder Mifflin Infinity, Michael not being invited to a party, and the genesis of Andy/Angela.
Office, S04E02: Dunder Mifflin Infinity, The: 8/14/14 79.70%[15.94/20]        Comments
More Office Season 4 trivia! Pam and Jim's relationship comes to light, Michael learns about ageism, and a replacement cat is presented and rejected.
Office, S04E01: Fun Run, The: 8/7/14 87.35%[17.47/20]        Comments
The Office's fourth season opens with Meredith in the hospital, Andy bleeding and an office romance revealed.
Office, Season 7 Episode 20: Training Day, The: 9/5/13 77.00%[9.24/12]        Comments
Will Ferrell guest stars as the new regional manager in The Office. Will this new character bring with him a new set of wacky hijinks? Well, take a wild guess.
Office, Season 5 Episode 20: Cafe Disco, The: 7/18/13 76.60%[15.32/20]        Comments
Sure, Phyllis hurts herself, and Jim and Pam are trying to sneak out to get married, and Angela tries to ruin everything, but nothing can stop Michael's brainchild that becomes Cafe Disco in one of our favorite episodes of The Office ever.
Office: Season 8 Part 1, The: 12/21/11 85.85%[17.17/20]        Comments
Season 8 of The Office introduced viewers to life at paper company Dunder Mifflin without Michael Scott. A new office manager has breathed new life into The Office.
Which Character from The Office Am I? Part II 9/21/11 76.36%[19.09/25]        Comments
You may know your Oscar Nunez from your Todd Packer (note: if you don't, this *really* isn't the quiz for you)...
Which Character from The Office Am I? 3/24/11 70.32%[17.58/25]        Comments
You may know your Oscar Nunez from your Todd Packer, but how well do you know the characters from The Office?
Office: Season Six, Part II, The: 5/22/10 72.28%[18.07/25]        Comments
In the second half of The Office's uneven sixth season, a company with a domineering figurehead bought out Dunder Mifflin.
Office, Season 5 Episode 11: Moroccan Christmas, The: 12/24/09 79.80%[15.96/20]        Comments
Dwight attempts to cash in on a holiday toy, while Michael attempts to conduct an intervention for Meredith.
Office, Season 3 Episode 23: The Job, The: 7/27/09 77.40%[15.48/20]        Comments
Three D-Mers compete for the same job - but exactly what that job is turns out to be a big surprise, at least for one of them.
Office, Season 3 Episode 22: Beach Games, The: 7/26/09 76.67%[11.50/15]        Comments
Hot dogs. Sumo outfits. Coal walking. See how well you remember Beach Games.
Office, Season 3 Episode 21: Women's Appreciation, The: 7/25/09 83.87%[12.58/15]        Comments
When a flasher strikes, Michael does his best to remedy the situation...which means things get a whole lot worse.
Office, Season 3 Episode 20: Product Recall, The: 7/24/09 85.47%[12.82/15]        Comments
Identity theft, a jilted lover and an embarrassing watermark boner figure into this classic episode of The Office.
Office, Season 3 Episode 19: Safety Training, The: 7/23/09 76.80%[7.68/10]        Comments
Someone is hurt, and the office needs to undergo safety training. Not even a bouncy castle can keep Michael from screwing stuff up.
Office, Season 3 Episode 18: The Negotiation, The: 7/22/09 72.67%[8.72/12]        Comments
Darryl wants a raise, but first he needs to get Michael a raise. It would help if Michael hadn't cross-dressed.
Office, Season 3 Episode 17: Cocktails, The: 7/21/09 83.33%[10.00/12]        Comments
Michael, Jan and Dwight descend on David Wallace's house for a cocktail party. You should feel bad for David.
Office, Season 3 Episode 16: Business School, The: 7/20/09 78.67%[11.80/15]        Comments
Ryan brings Michael in to speak at his business school class. He'd be crazy not to...right?
Office, Season 3 Episode 15: Phyllis' Wedding, The: 7/19/09 91.30%[9.13/10]        Comments
Phyllis's wedding proves to be yet another occasion for Michael to completely ruin.
Office, Season 3 Episode 14: Ben Franklin, The: 7/18/09 81.50%[8.15/10]        Comments
A stripper, a non-stripper, an apology and more shenanigans figure into this episode of The Office.
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