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Die Another Day 4/23/09 74.24%[18.56/25]        Comments
It features an ice palace, DNA replacement, a new Aston Martin that makes the DB5 look like a station wagon and possibly the worst CGI ever put on screen.
Moonraker 3/24/09 74.36%[18.59/25]        Comments
It features no less than two boat chases, laser battles, trips to Venice and Rio, a fight with a snake, the return of Jaws and more!
You Only Live Twice 2/24/09 81.60%[20.40/25]        Comments
After the monster success of Thunderball, the Bond producers decided go to completely over the top in the fifth Bond movie, You Only Live Twice.
Casino Royale 11/12/08 71.40%[17.85/25]        Comments
The Bond franchise returned in 2006 with Daniel Craig playing a brash, arrogant version of Bond who is new to the service and doesn't realize how much he has to learn about life, love and misogyny.
Living Daylights, The: 11/10/08 74.56%[18.64/25]        Comments
The Bond producers finally agreed with Roger Moore that he was too old to continue as Bond, and decided to go in a grittier, more intense direction by picking Timothy Dalton to play Bond.
Octopussy 10/1/08 73.20%[18.30/25]        Comments
After some hemming and hawing, Roger Moore was coaxed back to play Bond for a sixth time in Octopussy.
Thunderball 9/22/08 78.76%[19.69/25]        Comments
Connery came to play Bond for the fourth time in Thunderball, which took the formula made so successful in Goldfinger and took it over the top.
World Is Not Enough, The: 8/6/08 77.72%[19.43/25]        Comments
James Bond's 19th movie appearance was in The World Is Not Enough, in which he is assigned to protect the daughter of a murdered oil magnate, only to discover there may be more to her than meets the eye.
Man With the Golden Gun, The: 6/25/08 72.24%[18.06/25]        Comments
The Man with the Golden Gun was Roger Moore's second Bond movie, and easily the most ridiculous of all time.
Dr. No 5/19/08 74.04%[18.51/25]        Comments
This is the movie that started it all and set the formula for the next twenty-oddsequels. How well do you know... Dr. No?
Showing results 26 - 35 of 35
Previous Results

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