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James Bond Movies: Locations 11/4/15 82.35%[16.47/20]        Comments
From North Korea to the Bahamas, from MI6 Headquarters to a remote Scottish farm, here is a quiz on the different locations that serve as settings for James Bond movies
James Bond Movies: One-Liners 2 6/18/14 66.60%[19.98/30]        Comments
Another quiz on all those famous, whip-smart, smarmy James Bond zingers you know and love.
James Bond Franchise Screenshots 2 5/28/14 70.97%[21.29/30]        Comments
Adding to our already impressive catalog of James Bond movie-related trivia, here's another quiz to test your smarts on screenshots from the franchise.
Skyfall 5/14/14 69.10%[20.73/30]        Comments
Making a damn strong case for Best Bond Film Ever, Skyfall appealed to critics and proved unstoppable at the box office.
James Bond Movies: Action Scenes 11/8/12 71.10%[21.33/30]        Comments
The Bond franchise helped establish the action movie genre. Each of the 007 films has thrilling, sometimes over-the-top action sequences. See how well you know the exploits of a man who just doesn't know how to sit still.
James Bond Movies: Q Branch 11/6/12 67.03%[20.11/30]        Comments
No Bond film would be complete without gadgets that run the gamut from whimsical to far out to oddly practical. The man behind the gizmos is put-upon as much as he is a genius...how well do you know the Bond films' Q branch?
James Bond Movies: One Liners 11/1/12 79.53%[23.86/30]        Comments
James Bond is certainly the quippiest superspy this side of Austin Powers. He's never shy about dropping the one-liner in reference to dispatching an evildoer or pleasuring the ladies.
James Bond Franchise Screenshots 10/30/12 71.93%[21.58/30]        Comments
Every Bond film has had at least one classic Bond moment, whether it is Claudine Auger in a bathing suit, Britt Ekland in a bathing suit or Daniel Craig in a bathing suit. How Well Do You Know James Bond: Screenshots?
James Bond Movies: Bond Villains 10/28/12 66.77%[20.03/30]        Comments
A range of memorable and devious evildoers populate the films of 007. How well do you know the various nefarious villains of the James Bond franchise?
James Bond Movies: Bond Girls 10/23/12 59.47%[17.84/30]        Comments
From Tiffany Case to Christmas Jones, from Holly Goodhead to Jinx .... here's a chance to test your IQ on one of the essential ingredients of the James Bond film - the Bond girl.
James Bond 10/18/12 54.53%[16.36/30]        Comments
We've already run trivia on each of the films in the James Bond catalog - now it's time to see how well you know super agent 007 himself.
James Bond Movie Trivia: The First 20 Bond Films 8/7/12 57.16%[14.29/25]        Comments
From M to Q, from Dr. No to Die Another Day, how well do you know the first 20 James Bond films?
Goldfinger 11/4/10 75.10%[22.53/30]        Comments
Goldfinger is, and always will be, the greatest James Bond movie. Others in the series may be better movies, but it was with Goldfinger that the classic Bond formula came together.
Goldeneye 8/24/10 73.76%[18.44/25]        Comments
After a six year absence due to legal issues, James Bond returned to the screen in the form of Pierce Brosnan.
Spy Who Loved Me, The: 8/1/10 73.76%[18.44/25]        Comments
After The Man With The Golden Gun flopped, there was unanimous agreement it was too wacky and over-the-top. So what did producers do?
From Russia With Love 7/24/10 75.32%[18.83/25]        Comments
Bond travels to Turkey, where he encounters belly-dancers and catfights, while romancing a Russian cipher clerk and plays cat-and-mouse games against SPECTRE.
License to Kill 7/11/10 74.68%[18.67/25]        Comments
After his best friend Felix Leiter is brutally attacked, Bond blows off his MI6 duties and heads south of the border.
Live and Let Die 4/15/10 81.88%[20.47/25]        Comments
Roger Moore made his Bond debut in Live and Let Die, and played a different type of Bond – one with a touch of the upper crust, who was always ready with a smirk.
Never Say Never Again 3/29/10 76.52%[19.13/25]        Comments
Sean Connery is back as James Bond in a rogue non-canon production that takes Thunderball and updates it to the 80s!
Quantum of Solace 2/23/10 74.48%[18.62/25]        Comments
The successful reboot of the Bond franchise was followed up with Quantum of Solace. The result? Widely debated.
View to a Kill, A 1/24/10 78.64%[19.66/25]        Comments
In 1985, Bond must take on a younger, psychopathic villain with plans to dominate the world’s computer industry (not Bill Gates), angry ‘roided-up Grace Jones and a blimp.
Diamonds Are Forever 12/17/09 79.72%[19.93/25]        Comments
Sean Connery returns to the role of Bond in Diamonds Are Forever to seduce women, perform outrageous stunts and trade quips with Blofeld.
Tomorrow Never Dies 9/29/09 70.60%[17.65/25]        Comments
This one ups the ante by featuring evil Germans – not to mention magical helicopters, BMWs in both car and motorbike form and the usual bad jokes from Bond.
For Your Eyes Only 9/1/09 73.36%[18.34/25]        Comments
Roger Moore returns for the fifth time, and the first of three movies where he was really too old for the role.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service 7/16/09 68.28%[17.07/25]        Comments
In this outing, Bond fights with Kojak, marries Emma Peel and spends Christmas Eve on a mountaintop with a dozen beautiful women.
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