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Pride & Prejudice 2/4/16 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
The Jane Austen classic is once again adapted for the big screen. Keira Knightley plays the honest, spirited Elizabeth Bennet, who lets prejudice get in the way of true love.
Jane Eyre 2/2/16 63.42%[15.22/24]        Comments
After a rough start in life, young governess Jane falls in love with her employer, but discovers at the most inopportune time that he's hiding something pretty big (and, uh, totally crazy) from her.
Amadeus 10/14/10 67.80%[20.34/30]        Comments
Salieri feels that by placing musical brilliance in a crude farting Mozart, God is just rubbing his nose in it, so he concocts a plan for revenge.
Sherlock Holmes 5/13/10 70.44%[17.61/25]        Comments
Dark mayhem grips 19th century London, and it's up to Sherlock Holmes to prevent disaster. RDJ steps ably into the shoes of the famous detective.
Gladiator 3/3/10 80.63%[24.19/30]        Comments
"Father of a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I shall have my vengeance in this life or the next."
Shakespeare in Love 2/9/10 56.40%[14.10/25]        Comments
Shakespeare in Love, the first comedy to win the Oscar for Best Picture since Annie Hall in 1977, tells the story of Will Shakespeare and his brief, doomed love affair with aristocrat Viola de Lesseps
Mad Men: Season Three 11/10/09 91.68%[22.92/25]        Comments
AMC's acclaimed TV drama placed a heavy focus on Don Draper and his home life this season, neglecting many viewers of the goings on inside the walls of Sterling Cooper
Mad Men: Season Two 9/13/09 83.60%[20.90/25]        Comments
So much to discuss here -- infidelities, fresh faces and new drama -- all set against the background of the early 1960s.
Mad Men: Season One 8/13/09 84.76%[21.19/25]        Comments
Set in 1960s New York, Mad Men focuses on the team behind the hugely successful ad agency, Sterling Cooper -- both their professional and personal affairs.
Showing results 1 - 9 of 9

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