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Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Part 2 5/16/11 76.16%[19.04/25]        Comments
Survivor: Redemption Island concluded with the crowning of the best individual to ever play the game.
Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Part 1 5/11/11 69.08%[17.27/25]        Comments
For its 22nd iteration, Survivor brought back two notorious past players and introduced the added wrinkle of Redemption Island.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 2, The: 5/9/11 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
With the finish line crossed, there are no more passports to be stamped, taxis to be hailed (and subsequently cursed) or foreign countries to embarrass themselves in.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 1, The: 5/5/11 84.36%[21.09/25]        Comments
For season 18, the Race is Amazing and the Business is Unfinished. Eleven previous race teams were brought back to redeem themselves or finally capture first place.
Top Chef All-Stars Recap 3/31/11 74.92%[18.73/25]        Comments
Top Chef All-Stars brought together some of the most engaging personalities to have previously appeared on the series. Also, Marcel was invited back.
Survivor: Nicaragua Recap 12/20/10 74.13%[22.24/30]        Comments
An NFL coach, an amputee, ridiculously expensive shoes and an unwelcome camp fire combined to make this an entertaining, yet curious, season.
Amazing Race 17 Recap, The: 12/13/10 78.43%[27.45/35]        Comments
Season 17 included a couple of firsts, more than a handful of costly time penalties and possibly the most hyper contestant ever (Hello, Brook!) and the most negative contestant in the show's history (Hi, Nick!).
America's Next Top Model, Cycle 15 Recap 12/2/10 73.72%[18.43/25]        Comments
The winner, eventually to appear on the cover of Italian Vogue, was one of the more unusual champions in the show's run.
Project Runway, Season 8 Recap 10/29/10 80.47%[24.14/30]        Comments
17 new designers, 30 extra minutes per show, a slew of new celebrity guest judges: Project Runway packed a lot into its eighth iteration.
Big Brother, Season 12 Recap 9/16/10 78.63%[23.59/30]        Comments
What was once believed to be a so-so season of Big Brother turned around about midway through. Drama set in. People made the game personal.
Top Chef D.C. Recap 9/16/10 70.67%[21.20/30]        Comments
While it took a while for this season to emerge from the shadow of its predecessor, the competition grew increasingly intriguing as the finale approached.
Survivor Seasons by Cast 9/13/10 92.05%[18.41/20]        Comments
After 20 seasons, the show still remains an entertaining diversion, though the enjoyability of a given season is largely reducible to the quality of its cast.
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 5/17/10 72.47%[21.74/30]        Comments
Fan favorites and ruthless strategists were brought back for another shot at a Survivor title, and some great television was the result.
America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14 5/13/10 79.13%[23.74/30]        Comments
New girls! New judge!The 14th iteration of America's Next Top Model got a boost from a new panelist and a fantastic foreign destination.
Amazing Race 16, The: 5/10/10 78.77%[23.63/30]        Comments
The scores of mistakes made, the general unlikable-ness of most of the teams, and two of the most shrill, petty contestants the game has ever seen.
Project Runway, Season 7 4/23/10 80.43%[24.13/30]        Comments
The seventh season of Project Runway welcomed another group of egotistical fashion designers...and then threw everything from soup to nuts at them.
Survivor: Samoa 12/21/09 79.00%[23.70/30]        Comments
The past season featured one of the more memorable players in the game's history, and resulted in plenty of hard feelings.
Top Chef Las Vegas 12/10/09 73.73%[22.12/30]        Comments
If High Stakes Quickfires, sibling rivalry, breakfast in bed and Restaurant Wars are your thing, then Top Chef Las Vegas gave you exactly what you were looking for.
Amazing Race 15, The: 12/7/09 78.80%[23.64/30]        Comments
Snowmen in the desert, a tiny mandolin and Mr. Las Vegas: these ingredients plus more made for yet another entertaining edition of The Amazing Race
America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13 11/19/09 80.80%[20.20/25]        Comments
For this cycle, Tyra sought out petite-sized contestants, girls whose height usually would exclude them from a career in modeling.
Big Brother: Season 11 9/16/09 71.45%[14.29/20]        Comments
Big Brother churned out one of its best seasons in years, with HouseGuests who will do just about anything to look ridiculous on national television.
Survivor: Tocantins 5/18/09 69.27%[20.78/30]        Comments
Tocantins produced one of the more deserving champions in the show's runs. It will be remembered, though, for introducing society to one of the most self-deluded nutjobs we've ever met through reality TV.
Top Chef New York 2/26/09 71.40%[17.85/25]        Comments
The inclusion of rock stars, bridal showers and a scowling Englishman made for some quality television.
Survivor: Gabon 12/15/08 74.60%[22.38/30]        Comments
We met an unrepentant pin-up, a certified psycho, a seething cauldron of hate and the worst Olympic champion ever.
Survivor: Micronesia 5/12/08 86.32%[21.58/25]        Comments
We had declarations of love and an unexpected body count, and through it all, girls ruled.
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