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Italian Job, The: 4/28/11 78.84%[19.71/25]        Comments
The Italian Job follows a crew of thieves as they try to reclaim a boatload of gold they rightfully stole.
Fugitive, The: 3/16/11 78.48%[19.62/25]        Comments
Andrew Davis updated the classic TV series for the big screen. It proved to be another hit for Harrison Ford, while earning an Oscar for Tommy Lee Jones.
Cape Fear 3/3/11 55.28%[13.82/25]        Comments
Robert De Niro is icily effective as an ex-con out for revenge against a the family of a lawyer who did him wrong.
Goldfinger 11/4/10 75.10%[22.53/30]        Comments
Goldfinger is, and always will be, the greatest James Bond movie. Others in the series may be better movies, but it was with Goldfinger that the classic Bond formula came together.
Crazies (2010), The: 10/21/10 67.40%[13.48/20]        Comments
Part horror, part action-thriller, The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant as a cop who suspects something's fishy in his small Iowan town.
Wild Things 9/23/10 77.36%[19.34/25]        Comments
The 1998 thriller Wild Things contained enough twists and double/triple crosses to fill 10 minutes of screen time following the closing credits.
Covert Affairs, Season 1 Recap 9/15/10 74.84%[18.71/25]        Comments
A mysterious incident from her past propels young CIA trainee Annie Walker headlong into some serious spying in the freshman season of Covert Affairs.
Goldeneye 8/24/10 73.76%[18.44/25]        Comments
After a six year absence due to legal issues, James Bond returned to the screen in the form of Pierce Brosnan.
Leon (The Professional) 8/3/10 74.48%[18.62/25]        Comments
An uncomplicated contract killer takes in a twelve year-old girl, who promptly manipulates him, falls in love with him and convinces him to train her to kill.
Spy Who Loved Me, The: 8/1/10 73.76%[18.44/25]        Comments
After The Man With The Golden Gun flopped, there was unanimous agreement it was too wacky and over-the-top. So what did producers do?
Sorority Row 7/10/10 76.32%[16.79/22]        Comments
Though some consider Sorority Row an I Know What You Did Last Summer knockoff, it's actually a remake of a similarly titled '80s slasher pic.
Shutter Island 6/17/10 71.04%[17.76/25]        Comments
U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is headed to Shutter Island to investigate a disappearance at an institution for the criminally insane.
Lost, Season 6 5/24/10 81.52%[20.38/25]        Comments
Three years ago, this show’s head writers announced that the labyrinthine puzzles would end in 2010, after six seasons on the air.
Last House on the Left (2009), The: 5/15/10 71.52%[17.88/25]        Comments
The Last House on the Left, a remake of an earlier film from horror icon Wes Craven, is artistically superior than the other remakes of the past few years.
Sherlock Holmes 5/13/10 70.44%[17.61/25]        Comments
Dark mayhem grips 19th century London, and it's up to Sherlock Holmes to prevent disaster. RDJ steps ably into the shoes of the famous detective.
Friday the 13th (2009) 5/2/10 76.17%[17.52/23]        Comments
Friday the 13th had a makeover of its own two years later in a movie that reimagines the franchise's first four chapters.
Perfect Getaway, A 5/1/10 74.80%[14.96/20]        Comments
A Perfect Getaway is a psychological thriller that does what every fun, entertaining, don't-think-about-it-too-hard flick should do: It doesn't take itself too seriously.
My Bloody Valentine (2009) 4/11/10 70.84%[17.71/25]        Comments
It's a remake of the same-named Canadian classic that enjoyed a fantastic $21.2 million opening weekend thanks in large part for being presented in 3-D.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Pilot 3/25/10 60.95%[12.19/20]        Comments
America became fascinated with forensics. In 2000, CSI: premiered and quickly became a No. 1 hit series.
Strangers, The: 3/25/10 70.29%[14.76/21]        Comments
he Strangers is the story of two young people (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) who are terrorized by a handful of masked intruders in the late hours of one particular night in February.
Taken 11/17/09 80.24%[20.06/25]        Comments
When a group of human traffickers kidnap the daughter of an ex-CIA agent, boy, do they live to regret it (well, scratch the "live to" part).
Baghead 8/15/09 74.67%[11.20/15]        Comments
Jay and Mark Duplass followed up The Puffy Chair with Baghead, a thriller-comedy (thromedy?) about a group of four friends who spend the weekend in a cabin to craft an idea for a movie.
Speed 8/1/07 74.68%[18.67/25]        Comments
The film solidified the stardom of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, while setting the standard for non-stop cinematic thrills.
Rear Window 6/9/05 62.93%[9.44/15]        Comments
Hitchcock at his very best, Rear Window stars Jimmy Stewart, a wheelchair-bound man who thinks he has witnessed a murderthrough his apartment window.
North by Northwest 5/13/05 75.47%[11.32/15]        Comments
One of Hitchcock's more memorable films, North by Northwest is the classic story of mistaken identity.
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